Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Got the Moves Like Jagger (Video)

Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Trailer Got Moves Like Jagger

Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Trailer Got Moves Like Jagger

To those of you who have been waiting for a sequel to the 2011 film The Muppets; you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. The Muppets Most Wanted, which is a semi-sequel isn’t hitting our screens until March 2014. But to get us started, a new teaser trailer has been released and its got the moves like Jagger. We included the trailer down below, just watch it to see those “Jagger-like” moves.

Director James Bobin, and co-writer, Nicholas Stoller have come back for the second film in the new franchise. If you haven’t heard of this momentous event before, don’t feel alone. We didn’t realise tat a sequel was in the pipeline either. But for the curious, Kermit the Frog kindly and graciously told Entertainment Weekly just what the film is about.

We’re grateful that Kermit took time out of his busy schedule to explain the premise of the film. The teaser trailer for Muppets Most Wanted left us humming the penguin song of Moving Like Jagger but a little confused as to what was going on in the clip. Apart from the fact that it was a “sequel!”

In his interview, Kermit said, “The idea of this film is that our gang is on this global tour, and we’re selling out these grand theaters all over Europe—in Berlin, Madrid, London—but we sort of get into a little bit of trouble when we run across my Doppelgänger. He’s the world’s number one criminal Constantine and he happens to look an awful lot like me. I won’t tell you any more than that, but let’s just say mayhem ensues.”

Kermt also spoke of the character Constantine and his decision not to play him as well. Kermit explained that he’d been asked to play both parts, but he said no.

Kermit added, ” We talked about putting me in makeup and having me play both roles, but we decided Constantine needed to be a guy who could do a Russian accent. And, you know, I’m a pretty accomplished actor and all, but besides The Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island films, I’ve only really ever played myself. The great thing is I have like 3,000 relatives back in the swamp, so it was quite easy to find a frog who could play Constantine.”

It appears that the best non-muppet roles are taken up by some pretty well known faces and the european locations include France, Russia, and rather mysteriously Dublin. Although Jason Segel and the first muppet film’s co-stars Amy Adams and Chris Cooper haven’t returned for the sequel, Muppets Most Wanted seems to have done pretty well in the co-star department.

As with any Muppet film, even Muppets Most Wanted, human actors are a requirement and in the teaser trailer, before the “moves like Jagger” you’ll see Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell (with a moustache yet) and Tina Fey. And then you’ll see a group of penguins who help sing Moves Like Jagger as well as some other human actors hanging around. Although Salma Hayek is definitely an actor, but Sean “Diddy” Combs? He must have taken a break from another English show Downton Abbey. Have a look at the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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