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As Nelson Mandela is moved from his death bed in a Pretoria hospital to his South African home, greed lives on and the jackals gather to feast off the spoils of a celebrated life. Speculation about his health continues. Although already declared brain-dead – a fact revealed in court and corroborated by a Guardian Express source – he remains, apparently, connected to four life support machines as he is sent home under cover. In the meantime, many are attempting to piece together the motivations and mindsets of his children and grandchildren. Simultaneously, those descendants have been busy waging numerous court battles and attempting to gain control over Mandela’s trust account, which the Guardian Express has discovered is worth over 120 million South African Rand.

Media camped outside Mandela's Pretoria hospital
Media camped outside Mandela’s Pretoria hospital. Photo: Michael Smith, Las Vegas Guardian Express

Mandela, even in death, is transported without a camera in sight, still believed to be attached to machines. There is a certain sad irony to the fact that the man who spent almost three decades in jail and emerged to become the “Father of the Nation,” to lead South Africans out from under the bondage of apartheid, is now, once again, imprisoned, this time inside his own body.

To fully unravel the mystery of what is really going on within the Mandela family, it is critical to understand the culture and environment in which Mandela’s children and grandchildren were raised. South Africa, many citizens claim, is a nation descending ever further into the worship of the almighty dollar, the deep and abiding love of greasy palms, and the unquenchable desire for more. In short, South Africa is a nation of unadulterated greed. The ruling African National Congress (ANC) is deeply mired in this culture of corruption, to the point where even prominent party members are becoming disillusioned with the movement and the ideals for which it was supposed to stand.

King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, head of the Tembu Royal House and Nelson Mandela’s cousin, announced in June that the ANC had lost its way and had pushed corrupt leaders to the top. He signaled his intention to leave the movement and join the opposition party.

The rot has already set in and spread to every organ of authority: Imagine, for a moment, getting pulled over by a police officer in the United States for a broken headlight. Imagine that officer walking up to the car and saying “you have a headlight out. What do you think we should do about that?” As he asks the question, he holds out his hand, making it very clear that if his palm is greased correctly, he will silently get back into his vehicle and go away; the entire incident forgotten. It is almost unthinkable in the US, but in South Africa, it is an accepted part of the culture.

Corruption is so rampant that the government’s Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, freely admits it. “There is no point in pointing fingers. [Corruption] is becoming a cultural problem in South Africa,” he said at a recent press conference. “We need to fight the culture of corruption. A culture of easy money making and not having to think hard, work hard, be clever and find an innovative way of making money.”

Other South African experts feel that the unstructured nature of legal and government institutions is what gave rise to the money-grabbing mindset of many South Africans, especially those in power. Dr. Elisabeth Grobler explains that it is caused by the “ease with which it is committed due to the lack of sanction and lack of adequate institutions to deal with the investigation and conviction of this phenomenon.”

Certainly, police officers and other elected officials enjoy the green palms provided to them by citizens looking for a quick fix to any legal problems, but elected officials are perceived to be the worst offenders when it comes to outright greed. The atmosphere among South Africans is one of gloom as many citizens feel the people in power do not care about bettering the country, but are only concerned with their own personal wealth.

The Secretary General of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe, stated earlier this year that the ANC’s insatiable lust for money has harmed their cause. “Money has bedeviled our movement,” he said. “It is messing up our movement because comrades have a tendency to create space for themselves to accumulate wealth.”

Many different activist groups and factions have sprung up to combat what many feel is destructive avarice. Blogger Keith Somerville notes that those who are in positions of power have now turned to draining the coffers of the organizations that put them into those positions in the first place:

“Senior politicians who had fought their way to prominence as union leaders and opponents of apartheid are seen to be reaping the benefits of investments in mining and of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)” Somerville writes, “They have become increasingly distant from those whose support made them national leaders.  Every newspaper I read told this story and it was reflected in a general atmosphere of gloom, brooding resentment and a certain amount of fear…There is a feeling that change, perhaps with much violence, is imminent.”

The fear Somerville speaks of is palpable to those traveling in South Africa. It permeates hushed conversations. It hangs in the atmosphere like a trembling sword of Damocles. Everyone wonders when that sword is going to drop. People talk of impending destabilization and possible violent outbreaks among different factions who may be secretly vying for power. And the root of it all returns, invariably, to money. The Guardian Express has obtained exclusive audio of a recorded telephone conversation in which an officer of the South African Defense Force tells of plans to drive migrants from the country in preparation for widespread violence and, essentially, genocide.

This audio will be released with the third article in this trilogy, after the Guardian Express has taken steps to ensure that the identities of its sources – for their own safety – are not revealed.

That South Africa is deeply entrenched in greed and corruption is no secret, but while Mandela himself amassed a great fortune while he was the president, he did so, by all accounts, legitimately, with his legacy – his descendants – in mind. He was known for being an outstanding earner. The British newspaper The Guardian reports that a seasoned journalist who had been following Mandela for many years said “I know Mandela never had a hard time asking for money. He was known as the African National Congress’s greatest fundraiser.”

Mandela was rich, and he had been dedicated to ensuring that the funds he amassed stretch to benefit a long line of kin. His current descendants, however, don’t appear to have the same altruistic leanings, specifically his daughters and granddaughters. They want to remove the current trustees – who are sworn to make sure the money lasts for generations – and appoint themselves as the managers of the money; a move which Mr. Mandela vetoed just before he became critically ill.

mandela's granddaughters
Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughters discuss the reality TV show “Being Mandela”

Many feel that the culture of greed that permeates South Africa did not skip past the Mandela descendants. They have been accused of outright greed on many occasions by private citizens and officials alike. The question is, how far does greed extend, and what actions would members of the Mandela family take to ensure their own personal wealth?

Makaziwe, Mandela’s eldest daughter, owns a mansion in Johannesburg that is worth an estimated $1.36 million, according to South African newspaper the Star. She and other family members run a number of  ventures that cash in on the famous name; there is a reality show, a restaurant, a clothing label and even a “House of Mandela” wine.

Despite their formidable collective wealth, the Mandelas appear willing to take what they can get for free; when family members took legal action against Mandla Mandela, the patriarch’s grandson, over the relocation of the bones of three of Mandela’s children, they applied for – and received – free legal aid that is intended for poor South Africans.

The jackals gather around Nelson Mandela, who, it seems, is being kept ‘alive’ because a dead man cannot be sued for control of his trust fund.

Mandela Family Restaurant
Mandela’s Family Restaurant In Soweto. Photo: Michael Smith, Las Vegas Guardian Express


According to the same Guardian Express source, the Mandela family has sold the rights to coverage of Mandela’s funeral to CNN, for “25 million;” it should be noted that the currency denomination was not disclosed. CNN, in turn, sold broadcasting rights to the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC) for “three or five” million US dollars.

Sinister developments are revealing themselves in South Africa; the details of which will be expanded upon in the upcoming third article in this series. Nelson Mandela dies and then is kept, technically, alive by virtue of being connected to machines. Greed needs no life support device, however; it lives on in South Africa. The scavengers gather to capitalize on Mandela’s death and his legacy; the ruling ANC struggles with internal divisions. All this, while the country – mired in crime and corruption – lurches toward a complete meltdown.

The audio in this video points to proof of Mandela’s death. It also provides hints of a cover-up, whose motives will be revealed in Part III of this Trilogy. The smoking gun audio proof of cover-up and motive will be including in the next installment.

An Editorial by Rebecca Savastio & Graham J Noble; Investigative Contributors: Laura Oneale & Michael Smith

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Proof of Mandela's Death

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  1. i am so sick and tired of this mandela idolatry! every tv channel was spewing forth praise for this dead communist terrorist and many people did not even bother to switch on their tv sets or watched satellite tv instead. liberal whites couldn’t wait to show the world how deep their heads were stuck up mandela’s rectum. it’s pathetic how people believe all the propaganda about this man. where Jesus Christ said ‘love your enemies’, ‘turn the other cheek’ and told his disciples not to resist the roman government using force; where ghandi used non-violence to drive the British from the land; this mandela chap refused to give up violence and threatened more violence if he did not get his way. mandela would never have succeeded if the traitors fw de klerk and his cohorts {who was managed by the cia and us state department} did not usurp the national party to sell out the afrikaner nation. how many innocent white civilians lost their lives to terrorist attacks through bombs and farm murders because of mandela’s rhetoric? mandela was a communist thug and a coward. any man who rubs shoulders with bill clinton and the queen of england is a vagabond piece of horse crap. and God shall restore the beaten down Afrikaner nation, rid him of his enemies and restore the land to him in peace. so say the boer siener…

  2. Laura and Graham, finally exposed for the peddling lies about Madiba’s Death for your own greedy profit.

    Pathetic really !!!!

    1. You’re an idiot. Nothing has changed except that the charade is finally over. We had called upon the South African government to come clean and now they have (probably, this was not remotely due to us).

      How have we been “finally exposed”? Hmmm? We said all along that he was dead and that, sooner or later, the SA govt. would have to admit it. Now they have.

      As I said; you’re an idiot.

  3. Just the other day on the news around the time of the minister of finances declaration to get rid of credit cards for Government ministers. Zuma himself made an interesting statement on Tv that people probably overlooked. He was seated and mentioned ” we must all remember Mandela because he WAS a good man.” slip of the tongue or was it?
    How amazing that everything has gone so quiet about Mandela for months now. Does this government really think all its people are this stupid to believe he is still alive. Brain dead = dead.

  4. Anyone living in South Africa, who can see past their own nose will know that the ANC and the Mandela family have been keeping Madiba “alive” since June/July this year.. How can someone be “critical but stable” and then be released from hospital in that condition? The constant changing stories of those we have trusted to keep us as South Africans informed are a clear indication that this mans’ legacy is being manipulated to serve the personal agendas of the ANC and the Mandela family. Anyone who would doubt this report over the word of a man that has been on trial for countless charges of corruption and RAPE (Yet somehow still manages to get elected as president) should seriously take a step back and think about the situation before jumping to the aid of Jacob Zuma & the greedy hands of the Mandela family. South Africans need to use the loss of Mandela to unite as one people and to take back our nation from the grasp of complete ANC anarchy.

  5. If the man was alive do you for one minute think this EFF party would have come into play, or there would be so much riots and havoc, his family raped him from everything before July even began and you think his alive – Not true he is dead and i have believed it since late June , ANC just wants to control us, we think the US is bad watch how bad SA is going to become

  6. @Michael Tours: Ask a physician if it is medically possible for a 95 year old to be on a respirator in critical condition for three months but still be alive with a functioning brain. Then ask if it is possible to keep someone who is brain dead artificially alive on a respirator. After you receive your answer, please do share it with us.

    1. Rebecca, the point is NOT what state Nelson is or isn’t in – Laura’s first report on this site stated unequivocally that Nelson Mandela had been declared dead and the machines switched off – DEAD!

      What followed was a diatribe of pathetic attempts to back track that story, which still haven’t been retracted in any shape or form, and Graham, Michael and Laura and continued to post stories making wild claims with unreasonable evidence – and suggesting that anyone who doesn’t see their point of view is simply deluded or and ANC troll..

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      However, This site pretending to be a credible news source is nothing more than well skinned word press blog – and the investigative journalists and nothing more than bloggers expressing their opinions.

      Its such a pity that so many people only read the link baited headline that went viral on Face book and actually think that Nelson is dead (not brain dead but dead dead) – and it’s all thanks to the lies perpetuated by this little gang of morons posing as journalists.

      People have been conned into thinking they’ve read legitimate news … and they haven’t.

    2. Brain death occurs when a person no longer has any activity in their brain stem and no potential for consciousness, even though a ventilator is keeping their heart beating and oxygen circulating through their blood.

      When brain stem function is permanently lost, the person will be confirmed dead.

      Confirmation of death
      In the past confirming death was straightforward – death occurs when the heart stops beating and a person is no longer breathing. In turn, the lack of oxygen as a result of no blood flow will quickly lead to the permanent loss of brain stem function.

      Now confirmation of death can be more complex as it is possible to keep the heart beating after the brain stem has permanently stopped functioning. This is as a result of keeping someone on a ventilator thereby allowing the body (and the heart) to be artificially oxygenated.

      But once the brain stem has permanently stopped functioning there is no way to reverse this and the heart will eventually stop beating even if a ventilator has been used.

      To save family and friends from unnecessary suffering, once there is clear evidence that brain death has occurred the ventilator is turned off.

      The brain stem
      The brain stem is the lower part of the brain that is connected to the spinal cord (a column of nervous tissue located in the spinal column).

      The brain stem is responsible for regulating most of the automatic functions of the body that are essential for life. These are:

      •blood pressure
      The brain stem also relays all information to and from the brain to the rest of the body, so it plays a fundamental role in the brain’s core functions, such as consciousness, awareness and movement. There is no possibility for consciousness once brain death has occurred and in combination with inability to breathe or maintain bodily functions this constitutes death of the individual.

      Brain death can occur when the blood and oxygen supply to the brain is stopped. This can be caused by:

      •cardiac arrest – this is when the heart stops beating and the brain is starved of oxygen
      •heart attack – a serious medical emergency that occurs when the blood supply to the heart is suddenly blocked
      •stroke – a serious medical emergency that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted
      •blood clot – a blockage in one of your blood vessels that disturbs or blocks the flow of blood around your body
      Brain death can also occur as a result of:

      •a severe head injury
      •infections, such as encephalitis (a viral infection of the brain)
      •a brain tumour (a growth of cells multiplying in an abnormal, uncontrollable way in the brain)
      Persistent vegetative state
      There is a difference between brain death and a persistent vegetative state (PVS), which can occur after extensive damage to the brain.

      Someone in a PVS can show signs of wakefulness (they may open their eyes, for example) but have no response to their surroundings.

      In rare cases, some patients may demonstrate some sense of response that can be detected using a brain scan, but not be able to interact with their surroundings.

      However, the important difference between PVS and brain death is that a patient with PVS still has a functioning brain stem, therefore:

      •Some form of consciousness may exist in someone in a PVS.
      •A person in a PVS can still breathe unaided.
      •A person in a PVS has a slim chance of recovering because the core functions of the brain stem are often unaffected, whereas a person with brain death has no chance of recovery as the body cannot survive without artificial support.
      Confirming brain death
      Although rare, there are some things that can make it appear as though someone is brain dead, such as:

      •drug overdose
      •severe hypothermia – where the body temperature drops below 28C
      •diabetic coma – where the blood sugar becomes dangerously high and a person becomes dehydrated
      So a number of tests are carried out to ensure that brain death has actually occurred, such as shining a torch into both eyes to see if they react to the light.

  7. There is little doubt that this story rings true – at least to those of us in South Africa who are not paid up ANC trolls & hangers on. The only doubt is that is highly unlikely that his wife, Graça Machel, would actually put up with it all. If she is/does, then clearly she has been seriously pressured into doing so, rather adding to the stench coming from the whole sorry saga.

  8. Hahaha.. you guys are ridiculous. Making false statements without any real fact. You talk about the greed of the South African government, and without denying this, you seem more foolish than them. Give us 3 facts to corroborate your story. Something tangible that would allow me to believe this utter stupidity. As for no camera’s. Do you really believe that the world would want to see a frail man, connected to machines. Did you not see the last video of Mandela, where the ANC tried to score some Mandela points, and it backfired. I would like to remember this great man as a strong and powerful leader, not a frail old man. Personally, I am glad that there are no cameras, allowing a great leader the respect and privacy he deserves. Mandela, we wish you the best, may you live the rest of your life pain free, and in peace.

  9. Dear Graham, Michael and Laura:

    Who are you people? Can we get some credentials and real evidence up in hurrr? Because, frankly, I could just as easily reproduce the audio clip above using my iphone and a free app online. Come on, get real. WTF. If you’re going to make a claim this extraordinary, you had better have your ducks lined up in a neat row…because right now it seems like you’re desperately bailing water from a raft that is quite rightly sinking. Haha, doesn’t it just suck when reality refuses to play along? Given how vociferously you have been defending what is clearly an untenable (and quite frankly, outlandish) proposition, I do believe I am going to rather enjoy watching this unfold.

    1. We are very much enjoying it unfold, too. The handling of this whole situation by the South African government and the Mandela family is becoming more farcical every day.

      As for your asinine comment; I could care less what you choose to believe. The fact that you are giving those who claim Mandela is still alive the benefit of the doubt without one single SHRED of evidence, but then attempt to pour scorn on us for presenting a story that is based on evidence does not indicate any spark of intelligence.

      1. Graham, Don’t worry, ignore the haters. I have been told the same thing – that Mandela is brain dead and is being kept alive on good authority from someone in the medical fraternity. I think they are best placed to know. I came across this article afterwards wondering if it was being reported anywhere and trying to figure out who would want to keep an old, frail man alive.

        Good to see that someone has actually figured it out and nice work for uncovering some of the potential motives.

  10. I cant understand why the news on the U.K. television talks about Mandela being very sick in hospital. I thought he died?

  11. How ironic your title mentioned greed, and this sites continued headline grabbing insinuations of Nelson Mandela’s death …

    Poor journalism or just plain greed. Actually it’s both.

    1. You’re one of those people who only believes what you want to believe,

      Narrow-mindedness or just plain stupidity. Actually it’s both.

      1. Graham you look rather silly with all that egg on your face …

        So it turns out that Guardian LV is nothing more than a Blog fronting as news source, and the bloggers(you) fronting as investigative reporters are nothing more than bloggers … and you get a 25% share of advertising revenue.

        Greedy Headline grabbing blog full of fake news.

        1. Mr. Tours, perhaps you should try out our Boot-camp process, as it appears you lack firsthand knowledge of what and how we pay our writers. Furthermore, if you ask a Guardian Express writers about the Boot-camp process, you will learn that it’s quite austere. In fact, our own literature states: “While anyone is welcome to submit an application to become a writer with Guardian Express, 80% of applicants do not make it. The 20% of applicants who do become certified writers with our publication are held to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. All writers are expected to adhere strictly to the ethics code of the Society for Professional Journalists and are taught to do so in formal training classes.”

          As publisher of the Las Vegas Guardian Express, I can guarantee you that our writers are paid more for their talent than most online or print newspapers. While it is true that our writers are paid a percentage of the income they generate, many of them draw a fixed amount no matter how many people read their submissions.

          As far as equating us with other blogs, we’re quite fine with you exercising your freedom to express an opinion. However, according to major newspaper directories, we are listed as an online newspaper and not a blog. And just in case you were not aware, many of them use very strict guidelines when determining a site’s classification before inclusion into their directories.

          For my final point, I’d like to address your comment, which claims that we are a “Greedy Headline grabbing blog full of fake news.” To be clear and specific, let’s simply deal with your claim as it relates to our investigative work on the Nelson Mandela saga.

          Our journalist in South Africa contacted me directly to ask if she could do a story on Mandela, who at the time was being raced to a SA hospital in early June. I gave her the okay, and asked her to have a story ready, in case the former South African President were to die during his recent hospital stay. Around the third or fourth week of June, our South African reporter received a text message from a close friend within the South African news broadcasting industry, whom we’ve referred to as a well-placed source. The phone text read, Madiba is dead, he died last night. The originator of the text went on to say that they were not allowed to report the story. We plan to publish this text in the third and final part of our Nelson Mandela Trilogy.

          Anyway, after checking and confirming the source, we also received three other sources that confirmed the great humanitarian was no longer with us. 1) First we possess an audio recording of South African government officials claiming Mandela’s doctors had declared him brain dead. 2) Second, a South African court document, which states that doctors told the family that Mandela was in a permanent vegetation state, and advised them to pull the plug on his life support machines. 3) Third, another well-placed source inside the hospital revealed to our South African journalist that Mandela was no longer with us. Nevertheless, I was still reluctant to stay with the story, thus I decided to send one of our top correspondents to South Africa to investigate these sources. Once he confirmed that our sources were in fact reliable, we released the first of three stories in a trilogy about the cover-up presently taking place concerning Mandela’s last days. What’s more, we now possess another court document, where Mandela’s children’s lawyer says Madiba’s is in a permanent vegetative state. We will release this South African Court stamped document in the third article submission of our trilogy.

          I would love to expound upon this subject more, however, I must leave it for part three of the trilogy.

          1. Oh bravo …

            1) No matter how much you say to the contrary, this is still nothing but an online blog expressing the opinion of bloggers. There is not an ounce of credible news, especially regarding the Mandela debacle on this site.

            2) Are you confirming then that Laura ONeal, Graham not-so-Noble and Michael WhatshisName all have received payment for their contributions to this site? I ask because I have heard on record Laura Deny any payment whatsoever on South African Radio?

            3) You investigation into the saga is nothing but a stack of cards based on hearsay … The nonsense you allowed to be published on this site has done nothing but grab more hits. The early headlines stated emphatically that Mandela was dead and that was that. End of. Then later stories tried pathetically to cling on to this notion, finally rounding off with this load of Tosh that because he’s connected to machines that he’s basically brain dead … and so one can draw the conclusion that …we … hes dead. – Seriously … that’s your idiotic position, which you and the likes are defending due the obvious backlash.

            Dimarkco … when you releases this part three of your pathetic attempt to cover your arses over this Gutter story you’re all getting paid for, when referring to the coveted court document you think “proves” your side of the story, please also include a reference to the follow up court hearings in which it was stated publically that Nelson Mandelas daughters had that document drawn up for a court order to have Relatives graves exhumed and moved – and that it has since transpired that they simply lied, and the document you refer to was nothing but another greedy attempt to defile the Mandela name….

            But you know all this seeing as you’re such a professional bunch of world renowned bloggesr … oops … I mean investigative reporters.

            I look forward to your lengthy albeit arse covering response.

          2. I did not write any further responses other than my initial brief, but very accurate, remark. You aren’t worth my time. From the amount of time and effort you put into venting your hatred for our publication, two things are very clear: Firstly, that you clearly have an ax to grind. I would say it is safe to assume you are a failed journalist, or blogger. Secondly, you really need to get out more.

            The fact that your ridiculous comments are laced with such juvenile scorn tells me what kind of person you are.

            One word: Pathetic.

          3. Dimarko, what the Guardian Express has mastered is the art of link-baiting. The website attracts users and generates advertising profit.
            I think you’ll struggle to find any article on this site that conforms to any ethics code because for the most part all the work is lifted off other sites.

            Lets have a look at your so-called smoking gun, this piece of evidence which you claim is proof that Mandela is dead. The person whom you claim corroborates Mandela’s death says in the piece that he has two of his own sources which have confirmed this. It’s hearsay. And as such, his two sources could themselves have two further sources who confirm for sure that this is the case.
            Hence, you have no evidence. Nothing, except your imagination.

            The court documents you refer to where Mandela is said to be in a “vegetative state” and that the doctors have advised the family to switch off the machines.
            These comments were made by the lawyers in an affidavit during the burial ground dispute. It was not an affidavit from any of Mandela’s doctors. Nor was it an affidavit from a family member.
            It has been shown that these comments were purposefully exaggerated to argue that the application being heard was of an urgent nature.
            This is the subject of a complaint against those lawyers with the Eastern Cape Bar Council and the Cape Law Society.

            Further, just because it is stated in a court document does not mean it is fact. This was an urgent application – the claims were not tested (do you understand how courts work? You can write a statement that the Earth is flat and submit it to court [stamped and all] – doesn’t make it true. The claim must be tested and supporting evidence provided. In this, supporting evidence would be from a doctor who would provide an affidavit and testify – this didn’t happen).

            Your next piece of “evidence” is merely a claim by Oneale that “another well-placed source inside the hospital revealed to our South African journalist that Mandela was no longer with us”. Really. When did you so-called journalists manage to establish this?
            Because as a reporter with more than a decade experience, and colleagues with countless more years experience, and with sources which have taken years to cultivate, that version is not supported.
            Oneale appears to be the only reporter to have this confirmed.

            What you’ve got is a compilation of all the worst gossip and rumour gobbled into an article which is then presented as fact. What you claim to be evidence can not be considered so for the reasons I pointed out above (It’s hearsay, nothing more)

            In my interview with Oneale I asked her whether she has put her allegations to Mac Maharaj – the Presidency spokesman. She said she hadn’t because “we know that some people will lie to us anyway”.
            So where are these ethics you refer to? The right of reply is standard practice.

          4. One of our primary sources is a high ranking government official, whose sources are authentic. In fact, we know them, and have determined them to be reliable. In terms of lifting stories, I have a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University, a well respected institution. In addition, I have a MA in Greco-Roman History, and MA in Jewish Studies and a MA in Religion. I’m published in scholarly journals and am known for my work on P43 (papyrus). Writers research their stories by sifting through information and reporting their findings. In today’s news industry, AP and Reuters are the primary sources of major news used by the top online and print newspapers in the country. As far as other news stories, all of us report what our colleagues are reporting in order to keep our audiences well informed so that they do not have to seek the same information from other media outlets. We at Las Vegas Guardian Express make it a practice to dig deeper into regularly reported stories so that we can give our readers additional information that they might not find anywhere else. But all of us engage in that practice, including the New York Times. We break new news stories as well. Just today our Russian correspondent reported that Russian warships had just crossed Bosphorus. Nevertheless, we also investigate stories on our own. The Mandela story is one that we invested a great deal of resources in a search for truth. Since I know that our process of investigation is consistent with the best in the business, I have nothing further to add or to prove to anyone else. But I will close with asking if you missed the part where it says “editorial” under the article. You’ve spent so much time slamming our paper when you could be writing your own editorial, which would be a lot more effective in asserting your position.All editorials are “hearsay”; that is what an editorial is. It’s our opinion based on our sources. If you have different sources and a different opinion, no one is stopping you from writing your own piece.

          5. TO: Mr. Tours, Mr. Chandler, and Mr. Bateman
            (and anyone else following this conversation)

            I actually HAVE been to journalism school, have worked for a real (as in local, printed-on-paper, only-one-in-town) newspaper, and even for the Associated Press… albeit almost literally eons ago. And here’s my take on all this…

            It is always, always, always a mistake to allow anonymous sources. All the big papers are loathe to do it, and have some very serious policy about it. Said policies, usually, are so bot rigid and rigorous that the shorthand way to express the policy is basically that if the source won’t go on record and be quoted, then you can’t run the story. Period.

            Obviously, things happen and stories still end-up with unnammed sources in them now and then; but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that it’s very rare, indeed.

            That was the LV Guardian’s first mistake.

            Then there’s the headline — and especially the lead (or lede) — writing: On both of those scores, this publication really screwed-up with regard to this Mandela story. Declaring Mandela dead, as a fact, rather than citing that others are so claiming (and then naming and quoting them), is never a good idea for any publication that wants to be credible. This publication backed iteself into a corner from the outset with how it told the story…

            …which, I must say, was very unprofessional. Apparently this publication’s boot camp doesn’t teach how to write in true newspaper style; and to learn the hard lines of demarcation between hard news stories, and news analysis, and editorial opinion. There is a profound difference between reporting what others are saying, and saying it, yourself. The former is hard news, and the latter is editorial comment. Somewhere in between is news analysis. This publication seems to like to blend them all together, and there is simply no room for that in professional journalism.

            Much is written about how writing for the Internet’s Worldwide Web is and need be inherently different from nearly all ink-on-paper writing, but whether or not that’s true for at least things like blogs, it is positively NOT true for newspaper websites… which this publication purports itself to be. Newspaper websites must write as newspapers have always written. Nothing about the Internet and its Worldwide Web changes anything with regard to how a hard news story, or a news analysis, or an editorial comment should be written. Nothing!

            However, it is precisely because blogs, for example, really are different, and really do require a different and unique-to-the-Internet writing style, that the New York Times, for example — or the Los Angeles Times, and most newspapers — have blog sections on their websites. And, yes, in those parts of those newspapers’ websites, the lines between hard news writing, and analysis, and opinion often blur. There’s also, often, a lot of what I call “starting in the middle of the story” in newspaper website blogs… the theory being that the blog reader has already read the hard news story, and so already knows what the blog posting’s talking about. No self-respecting even first year journalism student would ever write a hard news, or analysis, or even editorial piece of the traditional newspaper style without ensuring that the reader understands the facts of what happened first, at the top of the piece… usually in the lead. But a blog posting… yes, that’s another matter. I don’t much LIKE it, mind you, but I at least get it.

            This publication doesn’t get it. It mish-mashes-up hard news, analysis, and editorial in many of its pieces; and then, to exacerbate the problem, it writes it all in a blog-ish style.

            The person running this publication may have impressive degrees; and I’ve no doubt that he and most others I see on the TEAM page are very smart and very talented. However, every last one of them needs to go to J-school; or, if they’ve already been, then they need to go dust-off their old textbooks and review.

            I’ve had it in mind for some time, now, to build a citizen journalism network master website with all the tools that any local newspaper website could possibly need; and then offer it to cities and towns across America so that… well… let’s take Vallejo, California, for example… just 12 miles from me, here in Napa. Vallejo’s local printed-on-paper newspaper is a godawful thing: The Times-Herald. In addition to just plain doing a lousy job of covering the city, it archives all its stories behind a pay wall after a week or two… making everyone pay to look back on anything.

            What Vallejo needs, I’ve long felt — and if I build the network, Vallejo will likely be the first city in which I’ll do it — is an alternative paper. Even if it’s only online, with no ink-on-paper, the city needs an alternative news source, ’cause, trust me, the one it has is godawful.

            My business plan includes that every writer have formal journalism training. They don’t have to go to J-school and get a journalism degree (though if someone like that showed-up and asked to write, that would be terrific), but they at least need to go through a minimum-several-month-long formal journalsim — writing for a newspaper type — training program; and if they’re to be editors, then they would need an additional editing program. There are more such programs out there than one might realize. You can’t throw a rock in the UK without hitting a quality distance learning professional journalism training program… several of them downright affordable. And several well-known both national and international professional journalism trade organizations offer both free and extremely affordable online courses and seminars which anyone who had been to J-school could assemble into a real and professional journalism training program that could train anyone who didn’t flunk out of middle-school English classes how to write well enough to work for a real newspaper.

            Trust me, this publication’s “boot camp” doesn’t even scratch the surface of the kind of training that I’m talking about — as anyone who reades any half dozen or so of its stories… especially its headlines and leads — could easily tell. The training required by my little operation, if I ever decide to launch it, would put this publication’s “boot camp” to shame.

            But please don’t misunderstand me: I’m not writing that to boast so much as I’m making the salient point, relevant to this conversation, that it is the fact that neither the reporters or editors of this publication have really and truly had the proper training — and/or if they have, then they’ve fallen prey to the lunacy of that writing for the web is somehow different from writing for a real newspaper — that is this publication’s Achilles Heel…

            …and, moreover, is the proximate cause of the whole problem with this Mandela story mess. Additionally, I have a sneaking suspicion that this publication fell into the awful trap, for journalists, of knowing it was essentially right about its Mandela death story, but also noticing that no one else was touching it, and so it steadfastly stuck by it and has been dismissive of calls to make it more credible and believable in the hope that when it all finally came out later, this publication could go with the “you read it here, first, folks” gloat. That was the absolutely WRONG approach!

            The difference between a buncha’ hacks at second-class publications, and the ones at even tiny publications which nevertheless do things like win Pulitzer Prizes, is that the latter behaves like real journalists, with strict personal rules about things like attribution, and prior restraint, and always engaging in the former, but never the latter. The quality journalists at even tiny but nevertheless Pulitzer Prize winning publications, upon noticing that no one else was touching the story would have made the need for quotable and named sources even more of an imperative… digging-in their heels and bygod getting SOMEONE to bygod go on the record! They would NEVER just sit back and know that they’ll be right in the end, and so just wait for the “I told ya’ so” moment…

            …like I think this publication is, I believe, doing.

            This little publication is missing a huge opportunity to become one of the most well-regarded of its type on the planet. Google News picks-up a lot of its stories; and many people who are busy in their lives don’t stop to notice that the story they’re reading is in the Las Vegas Guardian, and not the one in the UK. And so this little publication’s stories often get posted on such as people’s Facebook timelines (which, in turn, end-up in all their “friends” newsfeeds), and Twitter feeds. If this publication would simply properly train its people so that the quality of the work is on par with that of the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times — or even the Louisville Courier Journal — then it could not only have an outrageous and unexpected readership (earned not from misleading headline writing, but, rather, good, old-fashioned quality of journalism), but it could also start winning awards… maybe even a Pulitzer.

            And so that brings me to that if this publication had handled the Mandela story properly, with named sources, provable facts, and quality hard news both headline and story writing in the traditional ink-on-paper style, then all other newspapers in the world would have been quoting it. And then, a year or two from now, when the facts were finally all out and every journalist in the world was talking about how the little Las Vegas Guardian broke the story, did it well, and got it right…

            …the Pulitzer committee would be looking at it, as well.

            Instead, this publication handled it little better than a grocery store check-out lane tabloid. And so no reputable publication took it seriously, or picked it up, or was impressed, or even bothered to do their own due diligence and see if there was any truth to it. Believe me, I know. I reached-out to some editors for really big organizations whom I happen to know… Reuters, for example, just to name one. I contacted three others. They read your first story…

            …and laughed. Laughed, I tell you! I couldn’t convince a single one of them to so much as have their reporters in South Africa make an inquiry. And 100% of the reason was that even a first year J-school student could tell, from even only a cursory reading of it, that it wasn’t credible… even if it subsequently turns out that it was true.

            This Mandela story could have been “the one” for this publication: the one that put it on the map; that gave it a reputation for quality work; that got it noticed by even the BIG dogs in journalism; and maybe even earned it an award or two or five.

            Instead, this publication has squandered that quite-possibly-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; and I dare say that until someone around here bothers to make this publication respectable, and subscribe to some serious standards, and get its people trained so that such as its Mandela stories could never happen as they did in the first place, then it’s just going to happen again… and again, and again, and again.

            I’m not saying that this is a terrible publication (though it’s hard not to think so, what with things like today’s godawful headline above the Pennsylvania school system story), or that its people are the aforementioned buncha’ hacks. But when it handles such as this Mandela story as it has, then it deserves every bit of criticism it gets; and shame on this publication for putting itself into that position.

            I think about my little non-profit citizen journal plans on which I’ll quite likely never follow-up; and then I look at this publication, and I, honestly, would almost kill for the opportunity that it represents. I’m jealous…

            …but not because of what it is as much as what it could be. Moreover, were I any of this publication’s shakers and movers, I’d be taking a painfully long, hard look at this Mandela debacle — and at every other story here that’s written like a blog posting; and that blurs the lines between hard news, analysis, and editorial commentary — and I’d really make some SERIOUS changes. Heads, as they say, would roll. Writers would get training, or get gone; and until they’re trained, they’d be required to read selected articles and watche selected videos to at least teach them the fundamentals; and then they’d not be allowed to write another thing until they could prove not only that they had, but that they had actually LEARNED something from it. And my editors would bygod start towing the line of both understanding and enforcing policy on such things as… oh… I dunno… how ’bout ATTRIBUTION, for the loveofgod!

            And I’d hire a news editor. News editors, in REAL newspapers, are the people who write the headlines. Oh, sure, they do other things, too… like figure out the size of the newshole and stuff. But they — and sometimes copy editors, too — write headlines. It’s an art, unto itself; a specialist task that not just anyone can do…

            …as this publication’s horrible headlines so deftly illustrate.

            Yes, the Internet has changed the way news is reported. But it hasn’t changed how it should be written… not HARD news, news analysis, or editorial commentary, in any case. Blogs, maybe, but not the meat-and-potatoes of journalism.

            This publication doesn’t understand any of that; and so just LOOK at what’s happened.

            Sorry. I had to be said.

            Gregg L. DesElms
            Napa, California USA
            gregg at greggdeselms dot com

          6. That completely misses the point Dimarkco!

            Inviting people to write their own pieces doesn’t change the fact that what has already been published on GE falls very short in terms of accuracy from what you describe.

            Why not improve the accuracy of the articles in the first place than defend to death the nonsense that’s been published.

            The simple fact remains, the headlines that went viral, stating emphatically that Nelson Mandela has been declared dead and his life support machines turned off – were not received by probably 90% of people who saw them as Editorials or hearsay .. they were generally received as fact.

            And the professionalism of the authors in responding to anyone who has pointed this out in the comments section by calling reads stupid … well that speaks for itself.

          7. @Michael Tours: We have written many articles since then, clarifying that he is on life support and respirators. We have updated the original article to say that he is indeed on respirators. As I’m sure you are aware, when newspapers are breaking a story, sometimes updates need to be made after more information becomes clear. We are not the first paper to add an addendum or update to a story and I am sure we will not be the last. As for this article, above, it clearly states “editorial.” This is our editorial opinion based on the sources we have at this time. Exercising our freedom of speech, promised to us under the First Amendment, is what we are doing here. If readers do not see or do not understand what an editorial is, then I’m afraid we as a society have much bigger problems to worry about than a previously clarified story.

          8. Rebecca – the headlines on this site are what are causing the issue – “Nelson Mandella Pronounced Dead, Life Support Machine switched Off” – Neslon Mandeall Dies” etc etc …

            No amount of backtracking on your part as sought to correct these factually incorrect statements – hence the continued claim by many readers of Link Baiting!

            Your continued defence of the evidence in these story which has been shown (most clearly by Barry’s comments) to wholly contradict your and Dimarcko’s claims of having been properly investigates show that your really aren’t interested in any thing other than propping up a bunch of lies to earn some hard cash.

            And yes, it’s your fundamental right to do so, so carry on, but the more people that read these comments will realise exactly what YOUR agenda is. If even ONE person realises that this is a BLOG and not a creditable new source then that would be a good thing.

          9. And just because you appear to think it makes all the difference – the word Editorial appears once at the END of this article – and is not found on the so called news pieces that went Viral – written by Michael Smith and the other by Laura ONeal.

            So are you saying that that Laura and Michaels Pieces are NOT hearsay but are actually properly investigated newsworthy pieces?

            Michael’s article has only one source, and that is the really bad piece written by Laura.

            It’s an absolute circus?

    1. As far as we know, he is still in the hospital. He is dead (brain-dead after total organ failure} and remains connected to life-support machines.

  12. Visits by Government officials, Zuma and family; all dried up. People don’t even try to maintain a believable image by visiting Mandela anymore.

  13. Well, that explains why Obama came to South Africa without visiting the “Big Icon” in hospital – who wants to visit a dead body?

  14. Disgusting by the Mandela family, totally agree that they are a bunch of vultures like the corrupted cANCer, that is plaguing my beautiful county! The ruling cANCer party, live the life of opulence and greed, while millions live in poverty..

  15. CNN video footage of maki mandela, you can see she is lying. Recent aired footage with mandela, zuma and other croonies that was publicly ridiculed shows he can not lift his arm let alone open his hand thats why zuma touches him softly.Do they think everyone is as stupid as them, besides their own leader of the thembu tribe has left the anc. What was not mentioned is that their leader sent a letter stating they were ready to claim 67% or some thing stupid like that of land that they say they owned, made head line news and now why was he told to step back time is not right, makes you think.

    1. I saw the same CNN footage and, yes, you are right: It’s very obvious that she was lying.


  16. More than one reason they keeping him alive… One reason is the threat of war, another is the closing of the whole country for 7 days to mourn…another is the threat of white genocide…now laugh at that but the whites are still the biggest contributors of govt revenue in the form of tax. Another… He is still seen as the peace keeper…
    And btw… To the touchy posters…. Why so touchy? Have u got betr evidence to prove this article wrong?? I rather believe this to be true as SA media is so.filtered by the anc fat cats… Sittiing, semi conscious, alert, critical…on life support, all at the same time..all in one article.???.. I’m no doc but educated enuf to believe its a lot of tripe…

    1. The truth about South Africa is that the existing government is one of gread, self enriching, theft, corruption. Our once beautiful country is a mess. Farmers(whites) which provide food to this country is murdered on a daily basis. You can check it out on a site called Genocide Watch, managed by an American, Dr Gregory Stanton.
      Whites is not employed anymore and do not get jobs at all. The few, still having jobs is taxed to death. That, while, little or no tax is paid by their black counterparts.
      Illegal immigrants is welcome, providing that a certain amount of money is paid into the Zuma coffers. the Whites is under thread of been killed as per anc slogan “we going to kill the whites like flies” presently the black youth is trained by chinese soldiers in combat fight, and and encourage them to kill the whites in most gruesome manner possible. At present White farmers and their wives and children is getting tortured , ie burn the women with an hot hot iron on her breasts and on the men use a hot iron to burn their testical. Hot oil or boiling water is thrown over them farmer and family or down their throat, forcing them to swallow this cooking oil or water.

  17. FROM THE ARTICLE: Simultaneously, those descendants have been busy waging numerous court battles and attempting to gain control over Mandela’s trust account, which the Guardian Express has discovered is worth over 120 million South African Rand.

    MY RESPONSE: That’s around $12,000(US), just to keep things in perspective. So, then, they’re keeping Mandela on life support (obviously because it’s easier to settle such matters while a person is alive) over twelve thousand dollars…

    …less than the price of a really crappy car.

    Just sayin’.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    1. The exact figure we were given for the size of the trust was actually 127 million rand, which actually equates to just over 12.5 million US dollars.

      1. I apologize for my earlier conversion. The currency converter I used treats commas like decimal points, the way the Europeans do, and so I got the wrong result. I should have keyed-in the 127000000(ZAR) without commas on that one. I’ve now switched to the one on XE.COM, which gets it right, with or without commas.

        According to XE, at this writing, one (1) US dollar equals roughly 10 South African Rand… so, around ten percent. Therefore, 127 million South African Rand equals, yes, a little over 12-and-a-half million US dollars…

        …or $12,600,831.46(US) to be precise. Decimal points are everything!

        My bad. Sorry.

        Gregg L. DesElms
        Napa, California USA
        gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  18. Very sad that some South Africans are so naive, even when the truth is staring them in the face. At first we thought he was being kept alive until his birthday, but to hear that it could be for legal reasons (to aid his family’s greed) is disposable. They should be ashamed and disgusted at themselves.

  19. What a disgraceful act of barbaric vial greed. The legend would turn in his grave oh sorry I forgot they haven’t give him that dignity yet. They deserve nothing they should give his trust to the homeless

  20. The South African Nelson Rholihlahla, Madiba, Velabembentsele, Yem-yem, the one and only who lived 95 years ago is still breathing to this day. you seem to know too much with wrong facts, hope one day you will have Ubuntu as you know more about SA I think u’ll know what I mean about UBUNTU. sell your papers to your dumb people who believes u. u disgust me I wish lying people were sentenced to death u r misleading people. shame on you…………………………… fire your stupid source he/she is using u because u r DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Do you have any proof that we are wrong? We would be very interested to be presented with any indisputable evidence that anything we have said is untrue. We have tried very hard to uncover the truth – whatever that is: this is the only truth we have come up with.

      The rest of your comment is pathetic: Sentencing people to death for lying? Really? Would YOU still be alive today, if such a thing were done? Would Nelson Mandela be?

      Perhaps we should sentence people to death for stupidity; that way, you would not have been able to waste my time with this comment.

      1. Ah Graham, your professionalism really shining though here … I’ve never seen a journalist on any other professional news site respond to a comment they didn’t like by resorting to such juvenile responses!

        People really think you and you buddies have take then Piss – and you haven’t shown any clear evidence to back up your fantastical claims – and your only response is that the readers of your blog must actually find and submit evidence to counter you story …

        The reason you’re posting this nonsense on this silly little blog is because you can … it’s the only place you can get away with it …

        silly little bloggers *rolls eyes*

  21. You’re a liar – you are the jackal. This tape is proof of nothing: The man himself says that he was ‘told’ – he’s never been anywhere near Madiba, his hospital room or probably the hospital. Have you ever heard of proof? Do you know how to spell the word? You are clearly attempting to dirty the Mandela name as well as belittle the SA people – before you tell us about your honest traffic cops in the USA, why don’t you go examine what happened in the Trayvonne trial?

    1. Have you seen Mandela recently? Has any South African, other than Zuma and members of the Mandela family, seen him recently? The answer is no. Where is your ‘proof’, therefore, that we are lying?

  22. RIP Mr. Mandela may your family realize it won’t replace your love nor the steps you took to make sure they lived in freedom from apartheid. I am so sorry to hear of the this going on to him and to his country that he was brave enough to stand against, never wavering in his belief apartheid must be ended no matter the cost to him. You are to your countrymen what Martin Luther King was to the equal rights movement here, he too did it without violence, he too would be upset with what goes on now.

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