New York City’s Largest Gun Bust of 254 Firearms

New York City’s Largest Gun Bust of 254On Monday the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg announced the biggest gun bust. The New York Police Department has seized 254 firearms in the operation, which is the city’s largest gun bust in history been recorded.

The weapons were stashed in luggage’s as two men, Walter Walker, 29, from Sanford and Earl Campbell, 24, from Rock Hill South Carolina, tried to smuggle them into New York City. 19 other people were also arrested in New York city and three suspects are in custody on unrelated charges, also a well-known rapper.  An undercover police officer, who disguised himself as a gun broker, caught the criminals in a couple of transactions over the last year.

The illegal firearms were purchased guns that were brought in from North and South Carolina by smugglers travelling in Chinatown-bound buses, which is $60 and does not need any identification -a lot cheaper then the greyhound buses. The two men transported 14 illegal firearms at a time.

Mr Bloomberg is a prominent man when it comes to being strict over gun control within the US, as New York State does have some of the country’s strictest gun laws.

Some of the guns were obtained from the black market, while some were bought from gun dealers themselves, as Walter and Earl have a network of suppliers in their hometowns.

The Brooklyn police also used wiretapping, where it led them to Instagram photos of handguns which were posted by the rapper, and to Walker and Campbell, where they finally busted them, finding New York City’s largest gun bust of 254 illegal firearms.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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