Summer Boredom in Oklahoma – 3 Teens Kill College Baseball Player

Summer Boredom in Oklahoma - 3 Teens Kill College Baseball Player

In Melbourne, Australia Peter Lane received the devastating news that his 22-year old son Christopher had been shot and killed while out jogging on August 19. The news even more devastating to the family was that the motive for his son’s death happened “just for the fun of it.”  Apparently, summer boredom in Oklahoma caused three teens to kill a college baseball player just ‘because.’

Christopher Lane came to America on a baseball scholarship to play for East Central University (ECU) in Oklahoma. He had just returned from Australia to begin the new school year the previous week and was staying with his girlfriend, Sarah Harper, and her family in Duncan, Oklahoma when the shooting occurred.

ECU’s baseball coach stated that Christopher was a respected part of his team and a great role model.

There were no witnesses to the actual shooting itself, but a female eyewitness at the scene called 911 claiming that she had heard gunfire and then saw a male jogger stagger across the road, fall to his knees and collapse as the car carrying the shooters sped away.

Lane was hit in the back with a small capacity weapon. No information is available in how many bullets struck the victim. At the scene of the shooting, attempts to resuscitate Lane were to no avail.

Security cameras from neighborhood businesses captured the vehicle involved in the shooting, which was later found parked behind a church. A dismantled gun was taken from the suspect vehicle, but was confirmed not to be the gun that killed Christopher. Police are still searching for the weapon.

A few hours later, 3 male juveniles ranging from the ages of 15 to 17 were apprehended and taken into custody for questioning. Oklahoma Police Chief Ford advised that 2 of the 3 suspects had prior troubles with law enforcement.

“They were pretty uncooperative,” Ford said about the teenagers. After consent, the police searched the vehicle and found evidence suggesting that the youths were involved in the shootings.

The police department was able to obtain a complete, detailed confession from the 17-year old involved in the shootings and the motive behind their heinous actions. The boy stated that the juveniles had nothing to do so they decided for some end-of-summer fun to randomly kill someone, anyone.  When they saw a man jogging down the street they exclaimed, “There is our target!”  That is when the boys followed Lane in their vehicle, shot him and drove away.

In checking the boys Facebook pages, the police believe that the boys had plans to kill again, but got caught. A message was posted that read “Two drops in two hours.”

Christopher’s father told the Herald Sun “It’s happened. It’s wrong, and we’re just trying to deal with it the best we can.”

Sarah Harper, Christopher’s girlfriend wrote an emotional post on Facebook, “You will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart.”

The DA is expected to file first-degree murder charges against the boys.

The 3 juveniles will be arraigned today at Stephens County District Court where they will be spending what is left of their summer bored and behind bars while an Australian family is left devastated by the loss of their wonderful son.


Written by Lisa Graziano


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