Orange is the New Black on Netflix Can Now Be Personalized

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Are you ready to re-watch the eye-brow raising first season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ on Netflix? If you, like millions of other Americans have roommates or family members ruining your favorite shows, Netflix is now offering personalized profiles.

Subscribers of the streaming service for $7.99 monthly can now add up to five personalized profiles. These profiles will allow a user to select an icon and enter their little portion of television heaven. Connecting to your specific icon in Netflix also corresponds with the user’s Facebook page- including watch suggestions from friends.

Say, if you have young children at home on Facebook and you don’t want them watching the skin-flick fluttered series of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ creating a profile removes them from this show and in addition won’t go scrolling across their Facebook feed, for their friend’s parents to call you screaming. The personalized profiles allow a moment of immersing yourself into your own, favorite shows.

This also spares a parent’s embarrassment. Nothing says a cool dad than ‘My Little Pony’ streaming across his football filled feed, from his daughter’s watching habits. This barrier of blush will now be removed and the cutesy cartoons will only show on said daughter’s feed to her friends.

Netflix has maintained a powerful presence with over 30 million subscribers nationally and about 36.3 million globally. The streaming powerhouse made cable networks blink and re-think after Netflix gained 12 Emmy nods for original shows like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development.’ The lead streamer can only expect more as ‘Orange is the New Black’ went from a whisper to a roar of fan appreciation.

The raunchy, off-the-wall series features new face Taylor Schilling who plays Piper Chapman who is sent to prison after being named by former girlfriend, ‘That 70s Show’ favorite Laura Prepon, who plays a decidedly lesbian, Alex Vause. Adding to the funky and insanely delicious array of characters is Michael Harney as lesbian hating Sam Healy. Jason Biggs stars as Shilling’s naive fiance, Larry Bloom. Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky Nichols, the prison’s most lucrative lesbian. The series is embedded with laughs, nudity and facts of life for ladies between prison walls.

Piper Kerman is the writer and portrayed star of the series and novel. Kerman released the novel in March of 2011 and speaks of her experiences in the memoir, now a critically acclaimed series for Netflix. Prior to Kerman’s story no one understood the terms of ‘Red’s kitchen,’ ‘Crazy Eyes’ and ‘Pornstache Mendez.’ The story reflects the true trials of Kerman’s imprisonment, but provides a stellar cast that melds and flow easily across Netflix’s streaming service.

The show brings a voice to women in prison. Piper never monopolizes the show, women of color get voice and the beautiful singing voice of actress Danielle Brooks who plays the well-liked Taystee. The varied lesbians and straight women depict real looking women and not the falsified everyone is glamorous non-appeal. No commercials, no wait time for the following week’s episode, this show is clearly addictive. You will grow to love the actors.

Netflix continues to increase its game, from bringing a line-up of addictive series picks like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ to personalizing the experience for everyone in your family. The streaming giant can only expect more faithful subscribers to become plugged in.

Angelina Bouc

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