Personal Space Defender Bow Tie Flashes Red Upon Close Approach [Video]

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Okay, James Bond-esque it’s not. Looking to energize a downtrodden wardrobe?  Tired of the boss smacking down the ruler of professional dress? It’s time to introduce a tech and fashion device that warns others to “back off!” Creator Aleksei Sebastiani stated the idea to incorporate lights into a bow tie came to him after he saw a special on the matter.  The Personal Space Defender bow tie works as a flashing warning to those impeding within one’s personal space. The user can opt to determine the speed of the flash and it will continue to flash the longer someone stays uninvited.

Of course, gentleman may opt to keep this accessory at home during the next “ladies night” event unless the defender device becomes a beckoning beacon for some guys. Based on the pictures Sebastiani posts, the bow tie becomes glaringly obvious as someone approaches too closely. The lights stay on like a double set of intense Terminator eyes. As the person starts to walk away, mumbling under his or her breath, the lights slow down the flash and completely fade out.

Sebastiani has maintained a whole tongue-in-cheek attitude with the creation of the Personal Space Defender. He admits he hasn’t had an opportunity to wear it, saving his wife undue embarrassment. When asked where he got the idea, he admits, “This is a stolen or borrowed idea from Phillip Torrone of Adafruit, who mused about something like this on an episode of Adafruit’s “Ask an Engineer.” Joke or not, it’s a great idea that probably will be captured at the next White Elephant gift exchange in a business office.

Personal Space Defender Bow Tie Flashes Red Upon Close Approach [Video]
Sebastiani shows off his creative fashion accessory

More entertaining than the device are the comments Sebastianti is receiving from equally amused followers:

  • Dfranciscus states: “Also known as the Virginity Defender 😀 “
  • Josehf Murchison provides a great update idea: “You should get it to say “Intruder Alert !! Intruder Alert!!”
  • Wiredcav provided a one word response for a novel approach of mixing technology and accessories: “BRILLIANT!”

The creator may end up being surprised by the amount of commenters who have been asking where the device can be purchased. So far, Sebastiani has not stated if and when he plans to offer the Personal Space Defender bow tie for sale. The device is made for fun as shown below in the video but can provide fantastic dinner conversation, or prevent them for some! Sebastiani, per his Instructables profile, loves to invent.

Previously, Sebastiani was popular in tech and gamer circles for his creation of the Piranha Planter. Dubbed the Mario Bros themed planter, it was filled with fly traps and a specifically made planter. Sebastiani was also the creative mind behind his Litho Lamp idea, which combined LED lights and favorite photographs into a cube shape.

All of Sebastiani’s ideas are posted on the Instructables website and listed below at the end of the article. The quirky tech lover seems to enjoy melding creative technology within everyday items. It seems, per comments, dozens of people love the concepts and have admitted to trying them out. Maybe Sebastiani can move into Kickstarter, the crowd funding website, to reaching financial goals. For now, he reminisces on his newest creation, “BAMM! Now I know how I can incorporate these electronic parts into something that fits with societal convention. I don’t like wires or anything else that shout, ‘Hey, look, I’ve got electronics sewn into my jacket!” Enter, the Personal Space Defender bow tie. In stores? Possibly not, but let the ideas roll on.

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