Language May Contribute to an Immortal Existence


With all this talk about immortality splattered across the news and the unique individuals possessing rare disorders which disallow them to age, it brings the topic of eternal life to the forefront of worldwide conversation and debate.  To many, immortality and eternal life sound like a tortuous idea of life-extension with no known escape, for others – it answers the long held belief in something thought possible in the quiet spaces of the mind, yet never vocalized for fear of ridicule.  There is one factor that may be crucial in the discussion of eternal life and longevity- and that is the way we speak.  Our languaging may contribute to the experience of an immortal existence based on the premise of quantum and meta-physics.

It is becoming more and more understood how the words we use affect us.  By constantly repeating negative ideas and beliefs, we are suggesting the very things -we do not wish to experience- to our cells and subconscious mind, no doubt perpetuating our fears.  Those suffering from illnesses such as cancer and other degenerative dis-eases, have shown marketed improvement and even miraculous healing by changing their mental chatter to positive affirmations and nourishing words.  World famous author Louise Hay healed herself from cancer by using positive affirmations as a main tool, and has since helped thousands of others with a multitude of ailments to do the same.

Dr. Emoto from Japan has documented how speaking positive words such as ‘joy’, ‘love’,’ peace’ and ‘kindness’ to water, the molecules themselves change from distortion to order.

So what about immortality?  Is death the same thing as a disease that needs curing?  Some would argue that death is a natural part of the life cycle; just as the seasons change, so we too must be birthed, mature, age and die.  But is this really true?  There are places on the planet such as Hawaii – often referred to as paradise – where the seasons do not change…life goes on blossoming in an endless procession of beauty, fragrance and warmth.  Can that be true for us as well?  It sounds much like the Christian Garden of Eden, before the ‘knowledge of good and evil’ existed.  Could the ‘evil’ referred to be knowledge of decay and death?  Are we really meant to ‘break-down’ and loose our faculties as so many people do?

If we take a look at the common language we hear and share not just in one culture, but largely throughout the world, most people speak of aging and death as though they are natural.  But what if we didn’t?  How many times have you heard an older person say ‘just wait until you’re my age’ or ‘first your sight goes, then your hearing’ ?  Advertisements and marketing for the senior population are all geared toward supporting a body that decays and loses functions.  People have come to expect it from aging.  You never hear ads about living forever, keeping your youth or hitting a new peak of health beyond age 70.  Why not?  Are we so conditioned to believe in death and decay that we think it wrong and useless to promote health and life-extension beyond a certain point?

What if we began to change our language around age and started to use words and ideas which could contribute to an attitude that included immortal existence as a possibility?  What would that sound like?

We often find our illnesses and woes are the easiest things to discuss with one another, leveling the playing field by commiserating about our problems.  This of course lifts no one up higher, to what ‘could be’, but instead keeps all those involved in the conversation in beliefs of lack, suffering and fear.

Next time you are in conversation with someone, see if you can observe and listen to what words are being used, and choose not to engage anything based around illness, aging or death.  Choose not to comment on fear, except to point out that it’s there, and see what happens.  Notice how your mind and words want to react to ‘normal’ conversations about dis-ease and dis-harmony.  We seem to be obsessed with it in this world.  However, we have the power every moment – on the tips of our tongues – to change all of that.  We can choose new words, new conversations, new language which could ultimately shape the future of how we experience life in these bodies – including the realization of immortality.

Those who don’t want to live forever, I can sympathize with, if contemplating a reality where everyone lives forever with the same book of complaints and problems.  What if we could eliminate all of that with how we speak?  We can.  According to the latest in quantum physics, we are learning how we create the very world we live in with the thoughts we have and the words we speak.

Many of you are experiencing this in your reality today- you speak something and presto – there it is, manifested almost as if out of the blue.  This is happening more and more.  The more you take notice of synchronicity, the more often they occur.

A cool and helpful assignment is to get a piece of paper and write two lists – the first one includes words which perpetuate a society including aging, suffering and death.  The second list is for writing words which would describe a reality where those things do not exist.  What are the words?  Do you use them?  Which ones do you use most often?  What would happen if you completely eliminated the words on list one and only spoke from list two?

Let’s start the list now…just for fun:

List 1 – Aging, Suffering and Death Reality

  1. death
  2. pain
  3. how old are you?
  4. dying
  5. sick
  6. illness
  7. suffering
  8. can’t
  9. victim
  10. shouldn’t
  11. older
  12. younger
  13. hurt
  14. helpless
  15. don’t have
  16. used to be able to
  17. when I was younger
  18. when I’m older
  19. I don’t have that problem yet
  20. I hope not

List 2 – Immortal, Eternal life, Ageless Reality

  1. now
  2. harmony
  3. peace
  4. transforming
  5. healing
  6. I’m transmuting that
  7. I am clearing something
  8. empowered
  9. I have all the time in the world
  10. Yes
  11. beautiful
  12. I am aligning with the truth of that
  13. releasing what holds me back
  14. I used to believe that
  15. I’m free
  16. I am open to receiving
  17. my body rejuvenates easily
  18. bliss
  19. resonance
  20. amaze

Which list feels better?  More expansive?  Which list do you live on?  The list you live from is creating the reality you are living in.  How long can you make the lists?  It’s fun to have the lists made and then start catching yourself talking from list one, and choosing to change the wording to fit list two.  When we do this, our reality shifts.  Language is a powerful thing and just may do more than contribute to an immortal existence, it may be the only way there.  While doctors look for the gene to turn off in order to live like the eight year old who never ages, we might do well to look at the words we speak, and turn off the ones which perpetuate a reality we no longer wish to see.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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