Pregnancy Loves Raspberry Leaf

pregnancy loves red raspberry

If you are pregnant you are likely looking for ways to keep your body healthy, happy and prepare wisely for that fated day- somewhere within those next 40 weeks.  There are so many options available in terms of supplements and prenatal vitamins, cautions in the way of food choices and limitations of what the body can do – sometimes it seems overwhelming.  If you haven’t heard, there is an amazing herb that grows along with one of the most delicious berries – red raspberry leaf – and pregnancy loves it!

Red raspberry leaf tea has long been promoted in herbal medicine as an essential part of a healthy pregnancy, providing vitamins and minerals to a growing belly and helping to prepare the uterus for a safe and easy delivery.  Who knew that something so simple could do so much?  If you live in a region where raspberries grow, I bet you never would have guessed that those leaves you pick around in order to harvest the delicious, succulent red berries are food too.

Taken either as a dry leaf tea, or by the capsule, red raspberry leaf, consumed daily throughout pregnancy, can provide much of a woman’s needed nutrition and blood building elements.  High in iron and calcium, both in easy to assimilate forms, red raspberry leaf is best when ingested regularly so it can build up in the system and provide strength to the growing baby and mother.  Red raspberry leaf helps prepare the uterus for labor and delivery with the nutrient fragrine, “an alkaloid which help tone the muscles of the pelvic region including the uterus.”  Raspberry balances hormones and can be the most important food a pregnant mother consumes during these crucial body-building months.

Other vitamins in red raspberry include: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and magnesium, Vitamin E and many other minerals.

Quite a few studies have been conducted to test the affects of pregnant women who used red raspberry leaf during pregnancy.  It was found, by researchers in Australia, that women who ingested red raspberry leaf regularly were less likely to have Cesarean births and use of forceps dropped by 35%.  Another study showed women who took raspberry leaf experienced shortened stage-two labor significantly as well as an improved third stage.  Benefits included less risk bleeding after birth as well.

Red raspberry is good for all women, not just pregnant women, as it feeds the reproductive system vital nutrients and brings the hormones into harmony and balance.  Those who experience painful or irregular menstrual cycles can find a regulation occurring with the use of red raspberry and those women who are prone to miscarry can use red raspberry to assist in carrying the baby to term.

Women everywhere can find relief, comfort and nutritional support in the leaf of the raspberry.  Pregnancy loves raspberry leaf in the way it fulfills so many needs and bodily cares.  Red raspberry leaf tea can be found at your local health food store, often in combination with nettle, alfalfa, spearmint and other herbs formulated to supply nutrients to mama and growing baby.  Drink it hot or on ice for a blessing in blood building and body preparation you’ll be grateful for come labor time.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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