Radiation from Fukushima Power Plant Leaking into Seawater


TEPCO, the company that operates the damaged Fukushima Power Plant has admitted that radiation is leaking freely into the ocean.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company says that contaminated groundwater has risen to 60cm above containment level, and is seeping into the seawater.  On Friday TEPCO announced it had begun pumping out the groundwater, and managed to contain 13 tons of the radioactive material in six hours.  It plans to continue pumping as much as 100 tons per day.  By mid-August, they believe that will enable them to seal off the flow into the ocean.

Japan’s Ministry of Industry admits that as many as 300 tons of contaminated ground water has leaked into the ocean since the March 2011 earthquake, and the subsequent tsunami that damaged the nuclear plant.

The amount of contaminated water is so voluminous that they are pumping the water into hastily and questionably reliable tanks.  All other receptacles are filled to capacity.

Recently tested samples show that the radioactive levels are on par with the samples taken immediately after the disaster, which are 16 million times higher than the safety limit.

Experts remain uncertain if TEPCO can contain the radiation from the Fukushima power plant, as it continues to leak into the seawater.

James Turnage


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