Prozac Anti Depressant Drug Verses a Natural Remedy


It is a known fact that pharmaceutical drugs do more harm to the body then natural remedies. Let us take a look at the anti-depressant Prozac verses a natural remedy and see how they measure up.

Prozac, a widely used drug containing Fluoxetine was documented in 1974 by scientists from Eli Lilly and Company. The company received final approval to market the drug during 1987.  Fluoxetine is an approved pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of major depression. Types of depression include pediatric depression among other ailments associated with depreciation and panic disorder symptoms. Fluoxetine remains the most popular drug for the treatment of depression despite newer drugs flooding the market. It is estimated that currently more than 6 million people use Prozac.

There are many side effects of using Prozac for the treatment of depression, and some of the more severe effects are sexual dysfunction. Patients with liver impairment must use the drug cautiously and remain under constant supervision. Nausea, insomnia, anorexia, and tremors are a few of the other nasty effects caused from the drug.

A noted increase in suicidal tendencies peaked in some instances especially among the younger people taking the drug. This trend does decline in older people. Case reports of violent acts committed by individuals taking the drug have been documented. In some instances, a noted decrease in domestic violent acts by alcoholics using fluoxetine had been recorded, and reduced aggressive behavior in patients with personality disorders, both positive elements of the Prozac drug.

Over time, a variety of foods, herbs and other natural sources have been made available to provide similar benefits for the treatment of depression without the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. A recent study published in Phytotherapy Research has confirmed that Turmeric is effective at treating depression and may be more successful than most common anti-depressant drugs on the market. Previous studies have indicated that there was effectiveness of Turmeric (curcumin) in treating depression, and this study was the first randomized controlled clinical trial of its kind. Curcumin is the primary ingredient of the popular Indian spice Turmeric, which is a member of the ginger family.

Researchers at the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in India compared the effect of Turmeric and Prozac both used together and individually in about sixty patients diagnosed with major depression. The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was used to determine the results.

Their findings based on the tests revealed that the curcumin was well tolerated by all the patients. This study provided the first complete clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe treatment for sufferers of depression.

The research concluded that one treatment of turmeric is equally as effective as Prozac, and it does not have the negative side effects of the pharmaceutical drug. Turmeric is a safe and effective natural supplement to use with no serious side effects.

The discontinuation of Prozac must be introduced gradually, and there could be side effects caused by the interruption of not taking the drug. The most common side effect reported is dizziness. It was also revealed in a study that fluoxetine has the lowest incident of discontinuation syndrome among some anti-depressant drugs.

Medication for depression remains a powerful money earner for the pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We should consider how many users there are addicted to the pharmaceutical drugs such as the anti-depressant Prozac verses the freedom of natural remedies. Turmeric is just one opening that can make a difference in our lives.

Written by Laura Oneale

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    I took Prozac and had severe side effects like tremendous sweating. It did help me cope with a divorce and depression.

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