Rihanna’s Newest River Island Campaign Project

Aside from working hard on her remarkable singing career, Rihanna has been busy with her clothes line. “This line was inspired by G4 Life and my own personal everyday wear. Based on my woman empowerment messages in my lyrics.” She dedicated a lot of hard work and long hours not only designing the full collection of 60 separates but directing the campaign shoot as well. He vision included several international supermodels such as Nayasha Kusakina, Tati Cotliar, Ji Hye Park, and Milou Van Grossen.  Rihanna worked diligently with fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey to capture the right vision that she wanted to present.

Rihanna is pleased  to announce that her new collection will launch in September. ‘I accurately designed everything I want to wear, precisely how I want to wear it.’ Rihanna said.

“There is so much to look at, and so many different ways you could throw these pieces together.” Said a source, “You can even get undies with a RIRI elasticized band. Rihanna thought of everything from plaid patterns, knee high boots, bomber jackets, leather bras. “Most of the pieces in the collection have a 90’s hip hop ghetto fabulous feel.”

You have to hand it to Rihanna, she knows what she wants and she doesn’t waste time in going after it. Then not only does she pursue her goal she well near perfects it. She wanted to project a strong confident appearance for women with this collection.

In February this year  Rihanna had unveiled her first collection and hired Jourdan Dunn and Charlotte Free to showcase her debut. The cover girl of Vogue adorned in one of the pieces that month. “Clearly she takes whatever task she has at hand very seriously. It is nice to see someone so genuine,” Said K. Pollard, “So often any more you see famous people more than willing to slap their name on something but never putting the work behind the product.” In the video link below you can see Rihanna participating in every aspect of the shoot as the camera hustles around behind the scenes.  “The prices are actually affordable to, not to mention that the clothes themselves would be something I could actually see myself in.”  K. Pollard, a high school student in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area , is an aspiring fashion photographer.

River Island wants to share previews of the collection with the public to admire as they do, the brilliant dedicated work Rihanna accomplished. So go check them out.

Written By: KyAuna Alonzo

Rihanna calling the shots – behind the scene video at the shoot.

River Island Rihanna Preview

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