Robert Mugabe the Man the Dictator the President and the Elections


Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe, the man, the dictator, and the president who is eighty-two years old, and intends to stay in control of his country once the official announcement of the election is confirmed.

Born to a Malawian father and a Shona mother, Robert Mugabe was one of six children. Three of his brothers have died. His father abandoned the family and Mugabe was raised as a roman catholic. Father Jerome O’Hea kept a watchful eye on the youngster. It was often said that he did not have friends and remained an introvert. He displayed a strong desire to read books and remained a diligent student. Throughout his life, he chose to study and always achieved extraordinary goals by mastering varying degrees including law. An exceptionally talented man who remains an elusive and mysterious character to the world.

Robert Mugabe married his first wife Sally Hayfron during 1961. Their only child born in 1963 died from cerebral malaria in 1966. His wife died in 1992. He met Grace Marufa, forty-one years his junior and they soon married. This marriage produced two sons, a daughter and a stepson for the infamous Mugabe.

During his stay in Ghana, Robert Mugabe was influenced toward the liberation of Africa. Upon his return to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), he joined a political party and portrayed an earnest desire to succeed within the political rankings. The leader at that time of the ZANU political party nominated him to be the Secretary General, a prominent position.  His dedication to remain devoted to the liberation caused a dispute between opposing parties and forced violent conflicts within black townships, which became a curse for the present government at that time. People were killed, shops were looted, and houses burnt during this aggressive period. The government reacted to these disruptions and arrested the political agitators, including Mugabe and they were imprisoned indefinitely.

During his imprisonment, he earned a few more degrees, and it was within this period of time that he heard of the death of his three-year-old son. He was refused permission for parole to attend the funeral in Ghana. It was during his imprisonment that he was elected to take control of the ZANU political party, and during this time, his reputation had certainly helped his cause. He was released in 1974 and remained in close contact with other banned parties including the African National Party (ANC) of South Africa and received support from the Mozambique president Samora Machel.

Robert Mugabe maintained his new political reform would be to destroy everything built before 1900 as he firmly believed a true democracy could not be built on the foundations of the past. The president of the ZANU party died in a mysterious car accident during 1975, and Mugabe automatically resumed the top position.

Several political parties joined negotiations to restructure a peaceful free and fair democratic election, and this included a new constitution. Once the agreement was signed, Mugabe, upon his return to Zimbabwe, was a hero to the welcoming crowds. He became the first black president of Zimbabwe in February 1980.

Four elections and 33 years in power, Robert Mugabe is the longest reigning president of Zimbabwe and renders no sign of relinquishing his power. His military backed government will ensure his dominant leadership will continue until his death.

The forthcoming official results from the controversial free and fair elections held yesterday are eagerly awaited by the world. The opposition party has declared this election null and void due to a vast amount of irregularities.

Recalling the last elections of that country, we meet once again the dominant portrayal of a man that cannot recognize the difference between truth and dishonesty. The election apparently rigged again is not a surprising declaration to the world or to most of the real Zimbabwean citizens. Voter’s rolls are not accountable and not visible. The voter’s rolls that are visible have recorded the names of deceased people. People turned away from voting, and once again, the dominant military power blatantly robbed the rights of people to use their democracy. It is a humanitarian rights nightmare!

Robert Mugabe is doing what he intended to do before he came into power and that is to destroy everything built before 1990. He is determined to create a new democracy with or without international assistance and will certainly not stop now. His aggressive and utter hostility of the white race has been a controversial issue for many years.

Zimbabwe is not a unionized country and has complete control over the media channels. Very few people will confront the bully Robert Mugabe He remains a vicious character and a determined individual who will continue to lead Zimbabwe his way and no other way. Sanctions and international humanitarian treaties do not interfere in his dominant reign.

A socialist man with communistic trends has a stake in Asian countries that support his wacky order for one reason only, the mineral wealth of that country.

Robert Mugabe, the man, the dictator, the president and the winner of yet another rigged election focuses on his own desires and nothing more. Robert Mugabe is a dictator who can assemble a mafia style murder against anyone who defies him. His arrogant manner is frightful.

The ideology of Robert Mugabe presents a man without remorse. While the country continues the destruction and poverty levels rise, he remains safe, well fed and entertained as millions starve to death. His wife lives a luxurious lifestyle. She is often criticized for taking regular expeditions to shop in Hong Kong. This couple continues to live an abundant lifestyle and ignore the gripping shouts of hunger from the poverty-stricken townships of the country Zimbabwe.

Written by Laura Oneale

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  1. Isiloyi Yumani Thomas   October 5, 2013 at 1:03 am

    I have heard about his father’s Malawian origins but this is the first time that I have had to read about it. It is true then?

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