Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Just for Kids

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In the world of Leapfrog and Nabi products, Samsung saw a trend; smaller children are using technology more. Not just school-aged children, millions of toddler-aged children are navigating mom and dad’s Android better than most. They can select an app, play a game and even know how to navigate to the web. The baby boom generation is just now becoming acclimated with technology, led by their experienced generation Z grandchildren. In enters Galaxy Tab 3, an Android equipped with deluxe colors, interactivity and toddler fun.

The Galaxy Tab enters a field just blossoming and provides a wealth of great features and specs. Some of the features equipped on the 7-inch tablet include:

  • 1024 x 600 screen with 1GB of RAM and a 1.2GHz dual core processor
  • A 3-megapixel rear camera, 1-megapixel front camera and 8GB of memory storage, with a microSD card slot
  • Like the Nabi, it connects to WiFi only with no network access
  • E-books, educational apps and games are loaded onto the tablet complete with parent mode that allows control over what applications are on the tablet
  • The Time Management Feature is a great tool as parents can set specific times of use accessibility- If little hands try to grab the device, a parent implemented password has to be entered for access

Samsung had hinted at three versions of the Galaxy Tab 3. The third is now announced with the tablet just for kids, which may be released later this fall to the United States. Korean parents were enthralled to see the listed tablet as an option for back-to-school shopping. While no price has been advised on the Galaxy 3 kids version, pricing starts on other versions at $199. Toddlers and tablets are taking over generation Z; these tots are being raised into an ever-changing and accelerated technological age. Generation Y also known fondly as generation “Myspace” grew up in an arena where technology was just coming into its own.

With the advancement of phones, mobile wear, computers, laptops and tablets; over 70 percent of children under the age of five have interacted with a technological device. Many parents want to save their iPad and more advanced Android tablets from little fingers, so users started demanding a kid focused tablet field. Leapfrog was ready for the challenge and has the led the way for the kid techie arena. Nabi 2, Meep, Tabeo and Kurio also became favorites for parents. Now Samsung is paving a way to truly connect to families.

The Galaxy Tab 3 for kids is expected to make advanced technological waves. The device will have a stand for children to play with it on the table. The device, like the Nabi will be framed with an anti-shock frame, and child friendly grip. Galaxy is also introducing the C Pen, which is a cousin of its older S Pen sibling. The C Pen will allow kids to draw on the screen and create responses to the activities they interact with.

Samsung found a goldmine in an arena that is still relatively new. The just-for-kids Galaxy Tab is a remarkable way to gain ground and knock down contenders like Leapfrog. With a strong reputation, branding, bright and happy colors, the tablet is sure to make its way on a few Christmas lists, if released before the holidays. While the price has not yet been verified, rumors suggest $199 or even less; this price is drastically reduced from the higher end iPad selection.

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