Miley Cyrus: A Perfect Kill

Miley Cyrus: A Perfect Kill
Miley Cyrus killed us all with just one shot. Her shocking performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards became the biggest hit of the show. Despite thousands of outraged bursts from angry moms, sweet Hannah Montana fans and Rush Limbaugh, she got what she wanted — everybody is talking about her. Bull’s eye!

Disgusting, shameful, slutty, selling herself for money, vulgar, highly disturbed, dangerous — those are the words you can read on-line and in the papers regarding a former child star. You can read much stronger words than that and more of them if you want. But look at this: Her Sunday performance beat a Twitter record reaching mark of 306,000 tweets per minute! It means all those angry, disappointed, or sad voices work for her. It’s show-biz, after all.

The worst thing one can imagine, in the world of show business, is being unnoticed. And that is not for Miley Cyrus. 4.6 million viewers were watching Sunday’s MTV show. All of them have something to say about Miley. Even if she killed some love of her fans, she did it perfectly – with a loud slap in the face making her the talk of the town, sorry, country, no, world.

It might just work. Remember Madonna’s hit “Like a Virgin?” Although her MTV performance of candidly portrayed sexual movements shocked many, it didn’t stop the song from being one of her greatest hits and earning her a huge amount of money. Madonna was named among the top five top in Forbes “100 most powerful celebrities” and, according to the same source, she earned more than any other celeb for the period between June 2012 and June 2013 – $125 million.

Miley Cyrus is not Madonna, but fame works well for her, too. Her net worth reached $120 million in 2011, making her the richest teen in Hollywood. She is not a teen anymore, turning drinkable 21 in the coming November, which means she has to compete with the more powerful celebs now. She needs a boost.

By a way, she already had one when her topless pictures were published in Vanity Fair magazine in 2008. Though not completely topless – she was wrapped in a bed sheet hiding her breasts – she was still 15. It did not ruin her then, but to the contrary added to her value helping her to sell more. Nothing personal — just business.

Speaking of personal, when she posed for Vanity Fair, she had already lost her clean innocent image after some reviling photos of her were hacked from her private email account and leaked onto the Web. She did apologize for that and was forgiven. Was she sincere? Nobody knows, but she is still a “bad girl” sending controversial messages. Her “We Can’t Stop” song, according to some interpreters, referred to drug allusions.

It did work for her well though. Her “We Can’t Stop” clip became one of the most popular hits in America. Even now, despite all the messages of disgust and outrage from her fans, she is becoming more and more famous, meaning rich.

So if you really want her to stop behaving like this, ignore her. When John Lennon was shot, everybody agreed not to mention his killer’s name refusing him the five minutes of fame he so desperately craved. It did work. Miley Cyrus is not a killer, of course, though one can call her a killer of good taste, but the rules of business are the same. She will have to change if public ignores her. Until then, she is doing “perfect.”

By Alsu Salakhutdinov

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