Study Shows Shoe Choices Can Affect Buying Habits

I don’t know about you, but slipping on a pair of stilettos and heading to the mall does not sound like my idea of enjoyment. Apparently, though, according to a new study performed at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, your shoe choices can affect your buying habits. For those in heels, the effect seems to be smarter purchases due to a greater sense of balance.

Being in a state of balance helps bring mental capacities into a space of equality and the ability to recognize equality around you, according to research. It’s not just wearing high heels that will do this, though the study did test people both in and out of heels. Other activities such as having just practiced yoga, standing on one foot or playing a Wii video game also influenced similar harmonizing mental states.

Results of the study were published in the Journal of Marketing Research where examples of buying a television set were given. “Balancing consumers are more likely to go with the 42-inch TV for $450 rather than the $300 32-inch set or the 50-inch screen for $650.”  Assistant professor of marketing Jeffery Larson comments on the study:  “Marketers are very much in tune with getting people to think about their products in a certain way.  Knowing that the physical experience changes the way people make decisions is an important lessons for marketers to understand.”

Using the same logic as marketers for selling goods, customers can now combat those subliminal messages to ‘buy’ with their own wise tactics of inducing balance in their body and mind.  Apparently, our subconscious minds are vigilant and responsive to common metaphors. In this case, people associate balance with equality and so therefore make choices which correlate with the subconscious link.

The next time you go shopping, perhaps take a yoga class ahead of time, or slip into your favorite high heels shoes.  For those of us who don’t wear them, maybe keeping a pair in the car for those special shopping trips isn’t such a bad idea.  However, if you aren’t versed in wearing heels, they may be more of an impediment to your balance than an activator.

Larson also comments that if you are someone who tends to overspend anyway, shopping in heels or performing some balancing act prior to shopping can help curb spending habits.  This could be beneficial information when planning a shopping trip, similar to eating before picking up groceries.

Studies now show that our shoes choices along with other conscious decisions can affect our buying habits.  In a world where we tend to over-purchase and have buyer’s remorse, this is great news.  For those of us not keen on the idea of slipping on a pair of high heels shoes to get the results we want, well, thank goodness there are other ways to achieve that desired state of balance – both mentally and physically.  Practicing yoga regularly can make this state of harmony and inner equality a regular thing so that choosing from a balanced mind state becomes a natural way of being.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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