Self-confident Jennifer Aniston is Actually Self-conscious

Self-confident Jennifer Aniston is Actually Self-conscious

Jennifer Aniston is widely known for her black cocktail dresses, toned bod, stunning eyes, and all around natural beauty. With features such as these one would think the star is really confident, right? Think again. With the media holding one to such high expectations, Jennifer Aniston, the beauty who appears to be so self-confident must actually go through a couple of timely and extreme measures to keep up her appearance, making for the realistic opinion that she is pretty self-conscious.

The well-known and fashionable strappy black cocktail dress assortments that Aniston usually wears, such as the one she wore to the set of movie premier “Call Me Crazy,” gives Aniston the thinning effect (as if she really needs it). Although it does not take a rocket scientist to see that Jennifer Aniston has a rocking bod, she actually shared in an USA Today article that she doesn’t enjoy feeling too fit. This is odd for someone who goes through so much to maintain the figure that she has. Health conscious Jennifer Aniston reveals that she is “on a whole program of supplements.” Little does Aniston know that the “too fit feeling” may be linked to her large supplement intake, which is linked to many health problems, including illnesses from gastrointestinal upset to mild nerve damage, reports WebMD. This could not be too good of news for Aniston, who is currently under doctor’s care for a hole in her tendon with leaking fluid. Although no links have actually been reported, just hearing this news gives causes for anyone to be self-conscious, even the most self-confident—even if she is Jennifer Aniston.

It is no secret that Aniston loves the natural look. Shrouded with makeup, one may get the notion that she actually does need it to maintain her age-defying look, so it is smart to minimize its use; however, there must be some beauty flaw, as no one is perfect, right? Although Jennifer says she is not going for an up do in future wedding plans, with her luxurious tresses, why should she? She admits that she uses bronzer to brighten her cheeks, and beauty experts admit to the use of primer to make Jennifer’s makeup last all day. Where is her most attention-demanding trouble spot? Jennifer’s eyes. More than one reporter has commented on the need to “give a round look” to her eyes and even revealed the use of treatment pads and Vaseline as beauty secrets. To add to unlikely beauty and health secrets, Jennifer admits she refuses to eat fast food; she prefers to eat whole and organic foods; and processed and packaged foods are a no-no. More of her beauty secrets borders on the extreme, such as a daily face dip in a sink of water and ice and Chinese cupping therapy, which she admits to have been using for years. To calm rumors that her main beauty regimen is $8,000, Jennifer Aniston also reports to using Neutrogena’s original facial cleansing bar since high school, where even the most self-confident teen shares the feeling of actually being self-conscious at least once. A newly-released picture by her hair dresser, Chris McMillan, shows Anniston beside him completely without make-up and sends the internet world ablaze with praises of her natural beauty. Maybe this will be a reassurance to her that natural beauty in fact does looks well on her.

Written by: Kimberly M. Scott

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