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Knee Injury Doesn't Appear Serious

Tom Brady injured his knee during the Patriots practice against the Buccaneers Wednesday, but was it serious?
Tom Brady injured his knee during the Patriots practice against the Buccaneers Wednesday, but was it serious?

A scary moment for the New England Patriots and their fans Wednesday at training camp, when All-Star quarterback Tom Brady was forced to leave practice as a result of a knee injury while practicing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Any time the best player on the New England roster goes down, the story is certain to have fans from across the world up in arms.

Though the injury is far from an ideal situation from the Patriots, he should be fine for opening day. After watching a fan video that went viral after the story broke, it looks like Brady was in a decent amount of pain after the play. However it also looked more like a tweak than a major injury, take a look for yourself below.

Although you can tell Tom Brady is hurting when he is on the turf, the play looks nowhere near as serious as the last time we saw the New England quarterback suffer a knee injury. In case you forgot, here is Bernard Pollard destroying Tom Brady’s knee.

Pollard’s hit wasn’t even enough to derail the Patriots, Matt Cassel, yes the same Matt Cassel that has looked so terrible in Kansas City the past few seasons, was able to step up and lead New England to an 11-5 record. Although they did not make the playoffs, his success enabled them to become the first 11 win team to miss the postseason since the 1985 Denver Broncos. Coach Bill Belichick has the ability to make his team overcome even the most devastating blows.

This offseason has been full of them, he has no choice but to do it again. Losing Aaron Hernandez to murder charges, and Wes Welker via free agency, the Patriots have suffered more substantial losses than perhaps anyone in the NFL already. A loss of Brady might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Belichick, dooming his team to a losing season.

However if Brady just tweaked his knee, which it certainly appeared that he did, then the season is not lost. A Tom Brady led Patriots team is always a contender, he is simply that good. So what if he lost almost every single receiving target of last season. He’s still Tom Brady.

All Tom Brady did was tweak his knee, he didn’t tear anything. I could be forced to eat my words for saying that, however look at how he handled his ACL tear the last time around. Brady didn’t move, he remained on the ground until the training staff went and picked him up.

How did he handle this ‘injury?’ Brady hobbled off the field, admittedly limping pretty good, on his own power. He even “made a brief return to the field before leaving again to meet with the training staff,” during the team’s practice against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers according to the LA Times. Hardly seems like the same severity of injury.

Although  “there have been more ACL injuries than ever,” according to Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay, this did not appear to be anything that serious. ACL tears can happen without contact, however the player does not often walk off the field, stretch it out, and return to practice. Even though the return was brief, it indicates that Brady would have continued to play for New England had the situation been more important than a practice.

Of course, a new report could surface indicating the injury was far more severe than I believe it to be, and if there are any developments pointing in that direction we will certainly keep you updated. However for now, plan on Brady being under center week 1 for the Patriots.

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