Simon Cowell Finds Three a Crowd

Simon Cowell Finds Three a Crowd

While it appears that media mogul Simon Cowell was perfectly happy ducking under the covers with a good pal’s wife, he’s not so keen about being the “father” of Laura Silverman’s baby. In a sad triangle of stolen love, Simon has found that three is a crowd with the news of the baby. Add in the presence of Andrew Silverman, husband of Laura and mini-real estate mogul, naming the 53 year-old X Factor creator as co-respondent in his New York divorce papers and things just get more crowded.

When the news broke that British record producer and talent show creator Simon had gotten his “best mate’s” wife pregnant, a very different picture was painted by the press. The picture presented 36 year-old Laura as the estranged wife of real estate business tycoon Andrew Silverman. They had apparently not been getting on for a while and it was seen as an assignation that wasn’t too damaging for either Silverman or Cowell.

Now though, it appears that there’s estranged and there’s estranged.

From various sources, it is claimed that the Silverman’s were having difficulty with their marriage, but weren’t separated, which is generally the meaning behind estrangement. It is pretty easy to see why the marriage was having problems. With Laura getting swept off her feet by Cowell, she probably wasn’t too happy at being married to a chap who wasn’t Simon.

Cowell himself has said that, for obvious reasons, he cannot really divulge much in the way of information to the world’s press at the moment. Of course he needs to keep things quiet. Being named as co-respondent in the Silverman versus Silverman divorce leaves him wide open for self incrimination.

Whatever Simon’s feelings about Laura Silverman and her impending baby bump may really be, won’t be discovered until after the Silverman’s divorce becomes fait accompli and he can safely tell his side of the story. But he definitely must be feeling that “three was a crowd” before the news of the baby.

Meanwhile, the press are busy speculating that Laura is a gold-digging so-and-so who hubby Andrew’s parents and friends never accepted as a suitable spouse. Andrew himself is said to be furious about the “deception” of Simon and Laura’s “affair.”

But all this speculation is so much fluff until a paternity test is done and/or Cowell and Laura testify at the divorce hearing. Until then no one really knows what happened, except for the players themselves.

The one real clue is in New York; where Andrew Silverman has filed for divorce. New York is a “no fault” divorce state, but 37 year-old Andrew has filed for a fault divorce based on adultery. This move means that both Cowell and Laura could be called on to testify on the witness stand dragging all the unpleasant details out into the open.

According to divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine, who spoke to the New York Post, “It’s really a signal to the spouse who cheated that the wronged spouse is very angry and that it’s going to be a very nasty, scorched-earth, high-profile litigation.”

Another attorney said the the move was a “pressure tactic” to get the other two members of this love triangle to settle quickly and to embarrass them.

However this all ends for Simon Cowell, who’s how discovered that three is a crowd after his romantic interlude with a friends wife, it will be remembered as one of the few times that Simon Cowell has had very little to say.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom