Simon Cowell Looking to X Factor, Avoiding Baby Factor

Aims shot at The Voice

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With all of the rumors swirling around Simon Cowell and the baby drama, many may have overlooked the upcoming X Factor season. Not Cowell, he remains ‘mums the word’ on the baby factor and instead is looking forward to boosting the ratings on the show with a panel of new judges.

Cowell, not so surprisingly, is loving the fact he is accompanied by a bevy of beauties at the judging table. Former Destiny Child’s singer Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and the returning Demi Lovato will be joining Cowell behind the judges table. Cowell stated, “It’s a girls’ world in popular music today.”

The multimillionaire has remained tight-lipped about his response and involvement with socialite Lauren Silverman. The wife of real estate mogul, Andrew Silverman, named Cowell as the father of her unborn child, sending waves throughout her marriage and affecting the shift of focus from the X Factor to baby factor. Cowell is looking to bring the spotlight back to his popular show.

Cowell disagrees with another judge on another popular singing show. Adam Levine of The Voice quipped that a singing competition can’t be judged by the star it develops. Cowell scoffed at that comment, stating, “No show can survive without developing artists,” he said. “That’s why we do it. That’s your commitment to the contestants. Otherwise it’s a game show.”

The ever cynical Cowell took a parting shot at departing judges Britney Spears and Antonio L.A. Reid, stating having the two on the panel was like a dinner party you looked forward to, but wasn’t as fun as expected. Cowell wants to be number one, which based on ratings, X Factor is not. Re-positioning the show was essential for its continuation states Cowell, “You have to be competitive. You have to make changes.”

Mario Lopez will remain as the show’s host and expressed his enthusiasm for the three women on the judges panel, talking about how they instantly bonded and connected. Rowland described her method of judging, “Definitely constructive when it comes to criticism because you know what ‘no’ feels like,” she said.

Rubio started very young in the limelight and expressed that she knows how overwhelming that could be for the younger generation. Her experience as a singing sensation will help her to connect with the singers and to calm their nerves and humble their excitement. Lovato has grown up on the show, she has shown her worth by verbally sparring with Cowell.

During a recent press conference, she stated she was coming onto the show wiser than before and for the audience to expect “The banter between me and Simon will be times three,” she said. The starlet also defended her boss when reporters turned to Cowell to inquire about Lauren Silverman. Lovato stated Cowell had no obligation to respond to the reporter’s questions.

The X Factor will premier September 11 at 8 p.m. EST. The show is more focused- as Cowell has dropped the prize money from $5 million to $1 million including a record deal with Epic. “We got to a point where the idea was to raise attention, but. . . it was almost too much, we want artists who really want to be artists,” Cowell said.

The show is quickly approaching and the new judges are excited to get to work. Reporters may be ready to press the X Factor creator on the baby factor, but Cowell’s response remains the same, “I really haven’t read the newspapers. Did I miss anything?” Cowell replied. “Unfortunately, I have to keep this, for the moment, private. It’s just of those things. Thank you very much anyway.”

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