Alex Rodriguez Faces Ban Through 2014

Alex Rodriguez is facing a ban through the 2014 season that reportedly will be announced Monday.
Alex Rodriguez is facing a ban through the 2014 season that reportedly will be announced Monday.

Ryan Braun has already been suspended for the rest of the 2013 season for his role in Major League Baseball’s Biogenesis scandal. It now appears that Alex Rodriguez will be the next of the players implicated with the performance enhancing drugs coming out of the Miami based clinic to go down, reports have emerged suggesting the aging Yankee slugger will be banned through the 2014 season as of Monday.

Originally seeking a 100 game suspension for both sluggers, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig negotiated with Ryan Braun for a settlement that would see him banned for the remainder of the season. Alex Rodriguez had no interest in simply giving up the fight, and has continued his rehab process.

That rehab process is nearing its completion, and despite the reports A-Rod claims that he is “flying to Chicago,” to meet up with his New York Yankee teammates for a series against the Chicago White Sox to open the week.

Perhaps losing patience with the stubbornness of Alex Rodriguez, according to ESPN Bud Selig said that “Several sources familiar with the talks said tense deliberations between Rodriguez and commissioner Bud Selig’s office broke down completely Saturday after Selig told officials he would no longer negotiate.”

The suspension that Alex Rodriguez is facing is longer than that of the other players involved in the Biogenesis scandal based because the “MLB is basing its suspension on evidence gathered by baseball investigators that shows Rodriguez violated the drug program on three separate occasions, warranting 50-game suspensions for each violation, and that he interfered with Selig’s investigation,” according to the New York Daily News.

Alex Rodriguez and his camp have told ESPN New Y0rk that they plan on fighting whatever punishment eventually gets doled out to the star. Planning on using an arbitrator to beat the MLB’s suspension, A-Rod is confident he will be able to defeat any claims against him. He has never failed a drug test in his career.

Should Alex Rodriguez attempt to rejoin the Yankees before the ban through 2014, or whatever punishment the league decides to pass down is officially given, Selig is expected to use his commissioner’s power to prevent him from doing so. Selig has the ability to ban Rodriguez to protect the best interests of baseball, Rodriguez plans to file a grievance against the league should this end up happening.

The stakes are high for Alex Rodriguez, should he be be banned through 2014, he would lose out on $34.2 million. His salary in 2014 alone is $25 million.

An interesting saga appears ready to take another turn, with the MLB prepared to ban Alex Rodriguez from taking the field through 2014. An aging superstar, should he lose his battle against the league, age could catch up with him and effectively end his career by the time he is eligible to return.

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