Sinkhole Swallows Part of Resort near Disney World


Early Monday morning, guests at a resort began calling for help.  Windows were creaking, and walls were cracking.  A sinkhole was swallowing part of a resort near Walt Disney World.

35 people inside the Summer Bay Resort were evacuated.  A 60 foot sinkhole formed.  It was estimated to be 15 feet deep.  Part of the resort fell into the hole from as high as the third floor.

The sinkhole continues to grow.  Florida has frequent occurrences of the ground opening and swallowing entire buildings.  In February, 36 year old Jeff Bush was in his bedroom at his suburban Tampa Bay home when a part of the home disappeared into the chasm.  His body has never been found.

Sinkholes form when the bedrock collapses, and the surface stays intact.  Eventually the ground collapses into the void.

Management at the Summer Bay Resort said all of their guests are accounted for.

James Turnage


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