Snooki Visits DNA Center with Son and Sparks Rumors

Snooki Visits DNA Center with Son and Sparks Rumors

Rumors sparked when Snooki was seen entering a New Jersey DNA center with her little meatball, Lorenzo on her hip. Rumors started raging about the paternity of the cute tot, but it seems Snooki is actually searching for answers on her own birth parents. The petite dynamo has talked about her adoption openly within the past few years.

Branding an image on Jersey Shore with loud tactics and drunken episodes, it was revealed Snooki was not quite so Italian. The feisty reality star is actually Chilean and was adopted by her Italian-American parents when she was very young.  A couple of years ago, Snooki showed no interest in her birth parents, “I was adopted at six months from Chile. [My biological parents] gave me up for a reason and I honestly love my parents. I have no desire to actually find out [about my biological parents].”

It seems as that has now changed when Snooki was seen entering the facility with her adorable son happily in mama’s arms. During the revelation of her adoption, Snooki’s fan base grew and many bonded with a star on this very personal issue. The star was raised in the affluent community of Marlboro, New York and became a cheerleader in high-school. For years the reality star handled the effects of an eating disorder. She eventually conquered the condition and looks better than ever.

Snooki’s life on reality television has been far from stellar and she raised hackles during the  infamous Rutgers University talk. She was paid $32,000 for the appearance, $2,000 more than Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison who was the commencement speaker. The reality star parted with advice such as “When you’re tan, you feel better about yourself,” and “Study hard, but party harder.” The appearance outraged many students and parents alike.

Since that time, Snooki has joined former Jersey Shore co-star JWoww on their spin-off series. The dynamic duo are set to open season 3 in two homes- one is situated on the Pelican Island of Berkeley. Many residents were angered by the show appearing on the Island as the residents are still rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.

Residents were outraged as the camera crews arrived to set-up the home for taping. It seems in a recent win for the residents, township officials have submitted a violation notice to homeowner Mike Loundy who rented out his Pelican Island home for commercial use, when it is zoned strictly for residential use. It seems the filming crew may be moving to another address in Seaside Heights to complete the season. Another adventure in the life of Snooki.

Love her or hate her- Snooki continues to draw eyes to her constant list of shenanigans. The star has shown how to properly disgrace yourself on national television, to the drama that is her life love. Outside of the cameras, it seems the starlet is realizing a greater need. Her recent visit to the New Jersey DNA center with her baby boy in tow shows a greater desire for an unsolved question in her life. Only time will tell if this visit is more for personal answers or to boost the ratings of the upcoming season of the show.

Angelina Bouc

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  1. frost   February 4, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    I don’t know why people judge her and talk negative about her she make ing money on the shows and y’all haven’t walked in her shoes every one was young once and made mistakes

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