Snowden Departs Airport in Russia [Video]


Edward Snowden was granted Asylum by Russia and has since departed the transit area of the Airport in Moscow. Snowden’s lawyer confirmed that he was granted temporary asylum by authorities and has entered Russia. Snowden’s exact location and movements will be kept secret for security reasons during the next few days.

Snowden had been stranded in the transit zone area of the Russian Airport after arriving from Hong Kong, China on the 23rd of June. Communications have gone back and forth with government officials as to rather Snowden would be allowed into the country. The U.S. issued demands for Snowden to be returned to America.

Putin had released a statement saying Snowden could remain in Russia if he were to discontinue leaking U.S. secret documents. Anatoly Kucherena confirmed that Snowden accepted the condition and was allowed to depart Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for parts unknown. With Russia’s grant of asylum to NSA leaker Snowden and his departure from the airport, the U.S. must assess other information sources that Snowden was privy to during his tenure.

Snowden had offers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, but due to a revoked passport travel was not appropriate for his situation. It is reported a demand was sent directly to President Vladimir Putin for the release of Snowden to face charges of espionage in the United States. Snowden, systems analyst for the NSA, revealed detailed information about U.S. intelligence gathering with the use of a monitored internet usage program.

Snowden’s father has reached out to officials with a request to see his son. He has made requests through broadcasts on Russian media outlets. Authorities are working to make arrangements that would unite the two as soon as possible. Russia has taken a decisive move allowing NSA leaker Snowden transport from the airport transit zone for asylum processing. It is unknown what Snowden will reveal on his debrief upon being officially granted Asylum.

By Thomas Barr

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