Sony Playstation 4 Release Date Announced with Vita Price Drop

Playstation 4 Wallpaper2

According to Engadget, the highly anticipated Playstation 4 (PS4) is due to hit retailer shelves on Nov. 15 for U.S. consumers, and Nov. 29 for Europe. The release date announcement also coincides with a price drop for Sony’s handheld device, the Playstation Vita.

The announcement was made during the Gamescom 2013 event, held in Germany, where Sony finally answered the question on every console gamers lips. The device, as has been discussed on prior occasion, will retail at $399 (£349).

The PS4 will go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will retail at $100 more.

The Playstation Vita, which is designed to operate in tandem with their new PS4 console, is also due to receive a price cut to around $199. According to Sony, the Vita may harness their Remote Play functionality, enabling consumers to wirelessly play video games through the handheld device.

But, which console giant will come out on top?

By: James Fenner

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