Sylvester Stallone Turns Down Reprising Rambo on Small Screen

Sylvester Stallone Not Reprising His Role as Rambo for the Small Screen

The showbiz world is full of excitement at the prospect of bringing Rambo to the small screen and Sylvester Stallone’s involvement with the project. But it seems as though Sly thinks he may be too old to play the ex-Green Beret war veteran. Stallone has said that he won’t be reprising his role as John Rambo on the small screen.

Wednesday, the Independent studio Entertainment One revealed that they had signed an agreement with Avi Lerner’s Nu Image to create and co-produce a new television series based around the Rambo verse. The two companies released a joint statement that said they were negotiating with Stallone to be a creative influence in the new show and, in their words, to “potentially reprise his iconic role as the original Rambo.”

But The Hollywood Reporter has been in touch with the rep for the Expendables director and star who said, that is not going to happen. The Rogers and Cowan rep said, “While a television series based on the Rambo property is in development with Entertainment One and Nu Image, contrary to reports, Sylvester Stallone will certainly not reprise his role as the iconic John Rambo for the small screen.”

The rep went on to confirm that the 67 year-old action star would still be a part of the creative process but that Sly, “will not portray the character in the series.” eOne and Nu Image will create and develop the new series and peddle it to US and international broadcasters.

Avi Lerner released a statement on Wednesday that revealed the small screen Rambo project. Lerner said, “I’m happy to be partnering with a prolific company like Entertainment One who has a track record of creating high-quality programming for their broadcast partners around the world”

Of Stallone’s involvement he said, “And I’m excited by the prospect of collaborating again with my good friend Sly for an encore in this next phase of the Rambo legacy.”

But “small screen Rambo” isn’t the only project that Sly is working on. Stallone has been working on the ensemble film Reach Me which John Herzfeld wrote and was in the process of directing when one of the film’s financial investors pulled his $250,000 out of the pot.

Herzfeld, producer Cassian Elwes and Sly decided to join the ever growing amount of big Hollywood names who have turned to Kickstarter to finish financing the film.

Sly is certainly busy enough already with Expendables 3, Reach Me and his rumoured reprisal on the big screen of the Rocky Balboa saga in the projected 2015 film Creed. It would be an amazing feat if he could juggle working full time on a television program as well as keep all his other film plates in the air.

Since Sylvester Stallone has wisely decided to step out of the director’s chair again with the his Expendables action ensemble encore, aka Expendables 3, he will still most likely only have a minimal amount of time to spend on the new TV series. While he may not be too old to reprise his role as Rambo on the small screen in a physical sense, he is definitely too old and too busy to get that involved with the project.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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