Breaking Bad for Real – Teacher Arrested for Selling Meth

Jennifer Krogman was arrested for allegedly selling meth through the mail, similar to Breaking Bad's Walter White.
Jennifer Krogman was arrested for allegedly selling meth through the mail, similar to Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

A California Physical Education teacher took a page out of Walter White of Breaking Bad’s playbook, selling methamphetamine during her time away from the classroom. Jennifer Krogman, 40, of Redland Middle School, was arrested on July 31 after attempting to ship crystal meth through the mail.

Sometimes people emulate what we see on TV no matter what the consequences.

Krogman taught physical education, dance, and health sciences at the school prior to her arrest. Breaking Bad’s Walter White on the other hand taught chemistry. He also was not shipping his product through the mail, which as Krogman illustrated, is an easy way to be caught.

Rather than opting to ‘tread lightly’ as the DEA is doing in the final season of Breaking Bad, law enforcement stormed the 1600 block of Apollo Way in Beaumont, California.

She was arrested by authorities after “We received a report that she was packaging methamphetamine to be mailed,” according to Redlands Police Lt. Travis Martinez. She was arrested for suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and being under the influence of a stimulant. After being cited she was released from custody.

Keeping up her image, similar to what Walter White did early on in Breaking Bad, she even wrote a blog post for her school entitled “Taking Responsibility for Our Actions” in 2010. In the post she says “Personal responsibility is seen as very important because it reveals how honest a person is and therefore how much we can trust them. There is a great deal of debate on the issue of how far a society should go in making sure that every person takes care of his/her personal responsibilities.”

Police have not revealed how they cracked the Krogman case, perhaps it was through Leaves of Grass, the Walt Whitman book that eventually caused White to be discovered.

Krogman is currently on paid administrative leave.

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