Syria Chemical Attack Claims – Can They Hold Up to Expert Analysis?


Syria Chemical Attack Claims – Can They Hold Up to Expert Analysis?

Since the alleged attack of chemical weapons used on a suburb of Damascus on Wednesday, the U.S. and a coalition of 36 other nations have begun calling out for expert analysis into the dire situation.

This includes Russia, who is Syria’s foremost supporter.

The Syrian government is denying inspector access into the area. This stance is creating friction between the U.S. and other concerned countries worldwide.

Physical evidence has still not yet been uncovered regarding whether an actual chemical weapon attack has occurred. Expert analysts, however, have been able to rely on photo and video documentation of what appears to be the affects of such a chemical attack.

In observing the footage, the victims’ appear to have un-dilated eyes along with a blue and pink tone to their skin and a pasty look to their faces.

A great of deal of the videos’ taken show the victims are children. In addition to these victims, the UN estimates that nearly two million of these children are displaced within Syria and another million have fled the country.

Per the U.S. Congressional Research Service, Syria is said to have a large supply of the chemicals such as VZ, sarin mustard gas, which has a blistering effect on an individual skin.

Video footage shows victims with rigid muscles and sporadic movements. Howard Hu of the University of Toronto in Canada states this could be the effect of a person subjected to a toxin such as sarin.

More detailed images are needed in determining sarin’s specific effects, which includesymptoms such as drooling, difficulty breathing, and constriction of pupils.

Even while Syria is reluctant to grant inspectors access to the area, the chemical traces can still be sampled and collected months after an unfortunate event such as this. Activists from the opposition are attempting to smuggle samples through trusted representative back into Damascus for testing.

Not until Syria allows forensic access to the site can the experts analyze the effects the chemical attacks have taken on the population.

Written by Chris Bacavis and Lisa Graziano

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