Eva Longoria Proves Breaking Up is Not Hard to Do

Eva Longoria Proves Breaking Up is Not Hard to Do

Unlike the old Neil Sedaka song, Eva Longoria has proven that breaking up is not hard to do. It appears that she has given her boyfriend Ernesto Argüello the old heave ho. The couple, who have been quite an item in the news for the last four months, have come undone.

According to TMZ the end of the 38 year-old’s romance with Argüello came to an end just after the couple arrived back in Los Angeles at the end of their Spanish vacation. The reason for the breakup appears to be an issue of distance and very busy schedules. At least it wasn’t about infidelity which is the usual reason for Hollywood romances to hit the skids.

The lovely and incredibly beautiful Eva lives and works out of Los Angeles while civil engineer Ernesto calls Miami home. While it looks like the two have called it quits, TMZ has a source who told them that the couple haven’t ruled out their romance completely. The source said, “They’re just on hold right now.”

The Desperate Housewives star met the 34 year-old Ernesto when he was a contestant on her short lived NBC reality dating program Ready for Love. After only two poorly received episodes, on April 19, 2013, NBC pulled the plug on the show. The last episode to be broadcast was the April 23 segment. By the time that segment was shown, Eva and Ernesto were an item. The two began dating soon after the show was cancelled.

While Eva has done very well professionally, her luck with relationships has been all bad. She was married to Tyler Christopher who starred in the ABC soap opera General Hospital from 2002 to 2004. She met Tony Parker who was a point guard for the San Antonio Spurs in November 2004. The two were married in 2007, but by 2010 she had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Two days later Parker also filed citing discord or conflict of personalities. The sticky divorce was finalised January 2011.

But Eva Longoria knows, based on her own bitter experience, breaking up is not hard to do. While all the eligible men in the world are excited by the news that she is “on the market” again, she must be unhappy at how quickly her latest relationship has ended.

Eva’s lack of success in the romance department made the recent allegations of the couple breaking up rather unsurprising. Only last week it was reported that the couple had not been with one another since they returned from their Marbella vacation on August 6. Before their return the two of them had been constant companions as they flew around the world.

But in July, People magazine were saying that Eva and Ernesto were definitely going to get married. A source revealed to the magazine that, “It’s very real – they’re both in love, which is rare for him. They’re always traveling together. His family likes her a lot … they’ve never seen him so taken by someone.”

The same source said, “Eva is a firm believer in marriage. Ernie may be a player when he is single, but he’s never cheated on anyone and is very religious. I think the fact that he’s so family oriented is what got her. My guess would be they’ll be married within the next year.”

But it looks as though that particular source got it very wrong. After being burned twice, Eva may have decided she needed to slow things down a little. The issue of distance and conflicting schedules may just have gotten her “spidey senses” tingling.

So for right now at least, Eva Longoria is showing that, yet again, breaking up is not hard to do. Whether it is a case of “taking a mutual break” or calling it quits.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom