Teacher Arrested for Meth, Pot Possession in CA

Teacher Arrested for Meth Possession in CA

Jennifer Krogman, a phys-ed and dance teacher in California, has been arrested on charges of drug possession, including methamphetamine and marijuana. She is also believed to have been under the influence of some unspecified drug stimulant. Krogman is employed by Clement Middle School in Redlands.

Ironically, the teacher wrote three years ago on the school’s blog concerning the virtue of personal responsibility: “There are a wide variety of different things that happen every day in which we may have to accept personal responsibility,” the post reads. “These can range from something as simple as admitting that we said something bad about another person to admitting that we were the person who ate all of those cookies.”

Now, it seems, Krogman may end up having to take responsibility for her own blunders, to “[take] care of one’s health … following the laws of our communities and our country.”

Krogman’s arrest is the second for the school district since July, when Citrus Valley High School teacher Laura Whitehurst was sentenced for having sex with three of her former students.

Written By: Chris Bacavis

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