Terrence Howard Domestic Issues, Pepper Spray and Paranoia

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Terrence Howard and ex-wife Michelle Ghent should probably take a cue from their divorce, and basically stay divorced and apart. Obviously, the couple didn’t seem to get along very well. Mega drama broke out recently between the two while vacationing in Costa Rica with family. Ghent states that Howard beat her up. Howard countered claiming his ex peppered sprayed him, his daughter, and another family member. The ‘Iron Man’ actor claims his ex-wife was hospitalized a couple of months ago from a failed suicide attempt and was diagnosed with paranoia. This illness, the actor claimed, made his ex-wife frame him.

According to the website, PerezHilton, the couple had an extremely bitter divorce, which makes one wonder why they thought they could be together post-breakup. The judge sided with Howard, granting the actor both homes, a majority of the cars and the many joint accounts the couple shared. Howard reportedly pays, $5,800 per month to Ghent in spousal support for the next three years. The divorce proceedings began in 2011 and was just finalized in May of this year.

Ghent came forward in the divorce documents claiming that Howard beat her severely, just seven days after the couple said “I do.” The divorce proceedings kicked up into high gear last May when Ghent started texting Howard messages that he is sharing with the judge in a counter claim against his ex-wife:

  •  “I would start hiding if I were u.”
  • “Be careful when u leave your place. U should move.”
  •  “I know where u and ur family live. Watch yourself.”
  • “You need to be put down once and for all. I will not stop until all knows who u are.” (Just this past May)
  • “I’m just insane. I went to a crazy institute.” (Just this past May as well)

The final text attests to the fact that Ghent did serve time in an institution.

While the situation is head-shaking and worthy of a guffaw, a darker issue remains. Ghent certainly shows some troubling history, which seems to have escalated since the couple started seeing one another again. The toxicity is clearly apparent when these two very bad elements come together.

Howard accused Ghent of being an “evil racist” who consistently hurled racial slurs at him during their brief marriage. Ghent response was that she only did so, because Howard viciously beat her. The statistics of toxic marriage is sadly pervasive  throughout the United States. Statistics indicate that more than 3 million women are beaten by their husbands, ex-husbands or male lovers, every year.

While Howard can claim his wife’s mental instability has caused him pain and anguish, one wonders if Ghent is correct in her allegations that Howard beat her.

A higher percentage of statistics point to the fact that most abused women return to their abusers. This could answer the question as to why Ghent would be seen with the person accused of beating her. In addition, a leading reason why women return to abusers is because of socio-economic challenges to establish independence.

Overall, the accusations from both sides signify that these two individuals should probably stay as far away from one another as possible. This would likely prevent further destruction to Howard’s children. Moreover, it would certainly prevent harmful pepper spray from being doused on either one of them and perhaps put an end to Howard’s claims of paranoia.

For now, they both appear to be severely mentally unstable individuals.

Angelina Bouc

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