The Flash is Coming to Arrow then Getting Own Show

CW Flash

He worked for the police as when he appeared in the 1990s. He was a smart man this creature of habit. One day while working with chemicals all around him lightning strikes, and he is then thrown across the room. He awakes to find himself a mess, and he finds himself surprisingly well after being electrocuted. Who is this man of mystery? It’s the Flash!

With the new season of Arrow on the way on the CW there are talks of Barry Allen, aka the Flash, coming to the show. After his appearance, he will get his own show. How will they move the story along after he shows up in Arrow?

“We plan to introduce a recurring character and the origin story of Dr. Barry Allen, who you know as The Flash,” said network President Mark Pedowitz. “We do want to expand upon the DC Universe. We think that there are rich characters we can use, and we felt like this was a very organic way to get there.”

When Smallville was on, the Green Arrow had a lot of face time. He was on for more than just a season. With the success of his appearance on Smallville came the revamp and then the new Arrow TV series. Other DC characters have seen their time on TV and visited Smallville. Those characters might also get their own series in the future. It would be interesting to see a young Bruce Wayne or even have Tom Welling back playing Clark Kent. DC. Marvel may have the movie world, but DC will have the TV world and has had a good run at cartoons. Marvels the S.H.E.I.L.D. is coming to TV too, and should do well. Captain America and Spider-man didn’t last for years and years, but they were made in the 70s. (Special effects are better now.) Marvel’s cartoons have done well, but these days, live action seems to be more popular.

Superboy was on TV for a few seasons. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had a decent four-year run as well. Seeing DC on TV, it’s good to have diversity on the big screen and as well as the small. Wonder Woman was a hit for a few seasons, but the reboot of the show and character didn’t even get out of the gate and on the air. If they do what is being rumored, then Amazon (the rumored title of the show) may be an origin story for Wonder Woman just as Smallville was for Superman. We will have to wait and see how they will work that into the story, though.

Will the popularity of Arrow make it into a 10-season run like Smallville? It comes off the recently released Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the direct -to-DVD/Blu-Ray animated feature.

“I’ve got fresh intel on exactly what brings Central City PD CSI Barry Allen to Oliver’s orbit. The would-be speedster travels (not by foot, I assume) to Starling City while investigating a series of brutal slayings that he believes may have a connection to his mother’s years-ago murder, a crime for which his father has been unjustly imprisoned,” TV Line stated in a report.

Many viewers are going to have a hard time waiting for episode 8, 9, and then 20 of Season 2. Can you wait for the Flash to appear on Arrow?

Forrest L. Rawls

Source: TV Line , News A Rama

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