Thumbell is Here to Exercise Texting Tired Thumbs


Thumbell! A dumbbell like miniature weight has been designed to help people exercise their thumbs & aid smartphone users to fight off fatigue. If you people exercise, work out daily, run on the treadmill everyday, then why can’t your tired thumbs? So, a whole new cutesy, curvy little dumbbell is here only for your texting tired thumb; you better call it “Thumbell”.

A UK mobile service provider is encouraging textaholics to turn their thumbs into lean, mean pressing machines with their tiny new thumbells. They have found out that texters are worst sufferers of thumb fatigue and they don’t want people stop texting. Texting is always more romantic, sensual, edgy than video chats and chatters.

O2 is advertising a workout regimen featuring a “Thumbell,” a tiny dumbbell made for your thumb. Watch above as the fattest digit gets lean and mean to an “Eye of the Tiger”-like score.

The British mobile service company and device provider O2 claims that over 26 million in the UK have complained of thumb pain within the last five years-after spending hour after hour on gaming, texting, web browsing and social networking on their mobiles or smartphones, New York Daily reported. Simply, thumbs got tired, either by texting or browsing.

The mobile phone service provider and device company has announced a new “Fit for 4G” campaign, aiming to prepare its customers for the arrival of the network’s faster network by helping them strengthen their fingers with exercises, one of which includes the use of a “thumbell.”

We figure the exercises can probably help with hitchhiking or criticizing movies, too. O2 says in a release that the spot is part of its “Fit for 4G” campaign to prepare customers for its faster service.

The idea is that the network speed will be so much faster that users will be able to do more and at a faster rate, which, ultimately, might cause thumb pain. And one should always maintain good health of his or her thumb to text, to write, to sign and obviously to give thumb impressions. So, exercising your thumb is a great idea not only for texting but for other means as well.

David Johnson, general manager of devices for O2, told ABC News that their research showed that excessive usage of the phone left people with sore thumbs, so they wanted their customers to make sure their thumbs are well looked after so they could make use of all the great technology that is available at their fingertips. The company is considerate about the ‘good look’ of your thumbs. It should be slim, clean, and free of sores.

“That’s why we are trailing the Thumbell units and have worked with BMI to develop the Fit for 4G fitness routine”, he added.

The company is testing the 65-gram Thumbells internally right now with its own employees.

While a video goes to extremities for laughs, there is a therapeutic component to this. The Thumbell is real, and so is O2’s concern for preventing thumb overuse injuries, O2 public relations rep Gavin Lewis told The Huffington Post on Thursday.

The Thumbell and other exercises are being tested internally with hand experts from a healthcare group, Lewis said.Still, those who take the digit initiative too earnestly need to get a grip.

“We want people to enjoy it and find it funny,” Lewis said. “We’re not deathly serious.”

So, Thumbell is here to facilitate your texting tired thumbs. Go on exploring your virtual life, Dig into websites or browse as you wish, tirelessly. Thumbell will erase all your thumb worries.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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