Tourist Crushed to Death in Venice Grand Canal

Gondola Incident in Venice Canals

At the famous Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, a German tourist, 50, with his wife and three children, riding a gondola have been crushed to death in a collision with a water bus, or “vaporetta.”

The water bus, often seen ferrying tourists around the canals of the beautiful city, was busy docking the Rialto stop when the collision occurred.

A girl, 3, has been taken to a hospital nearby Padua, where she is being treated for head injuries. The force of the impact was so intense that the girl and her family were hurled overboard. The father was crushed between the two vessels.

Chief of staff, Giovanni Carlesso from Venice recently reported that the vaporetto had not seen the gondola coming.

“I am really sad after what has happened,” said Venice mayor, Giorgio Orsoni.

The police have opened up an investigation, and will continue their endeavours to establish the precise nature of the incident.

The gondolas are one of the main modes of transportation, throughout the city’s lagoon, and, undoubtedly, one of the main tourist attractions. Operators of the gondolas do have training and limited licenses, but questions are still raised around their safety.

Nicola Falconi, who is the head of Venice’s gondoliers association, has said that the increased congestion of the lagoon is due to vaporetto lines and private boats clogging up the Grand Canal of Venice.

Similar incidents have happened before. During 2011 four Spanish tourists were thrown over by a collision, but were rescued immediately, whilst, back in 2004, a Dutch family had also been thrown into the canal.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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