Ubuntu, Crowdfunding Secures Edge Phone

Ubuntu Edge Phone

A British Software developer, in a campaign to raise funds for the Ubuntu Edge phone, have secured pledges worth more than $10 million, since its opening in July 22, through the Indiego crowdfunding website.

It has taken over a previous record, set by the Pebble Smartwatch.

The corporation, named Canonical, is hoping to deliver their handsets next year, some time in May. More than 14,500 smartphones had been pledged for. Backers that are paying $695, and over, will get their own smartphones as a reward for their dedication.

Bloomberg, who was the first largest backer to join the campaign, pledged $80,000 for the enterprise package that includes an amount of 115 handsets.

Mark Shuttleworth, the South African multimillionaire who founded Canonical, in 2004, said that the campaign sparked a great level of interest, that surprised everyone involved.

Pledges came flooding in from all over the world, of which the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Sweden and the Netherlands were among the top nations that contributed, with more than over 22 thousand pledges.

Sadly, the pledges cannot be redeemed as yet, Canonical has yet to meet their minimum fundraising goal of 32 million dollars in the next six days, to claim the money from donations.

Pebble had started production in January, after the fundraising commenced in the US, through the Kickstarter website. Mark Shuttleworth was very wary of the original goal they had set, clearly mindful that “… tripling a record is always a big stretch and big ask.”

The phone is being described to be a “superfone.” The Ubuntu Edge can run on Ubuntu and Google’s Android, and can also be connected to desktop computers. This connection also allows the phone to operate in tandem with the PC, whilst running Ubuntu’s operation system, and allows files stored on the handset to become visible through the computer.

The Ubuntu Edge is an exciting prospect for Bloomberg, and have people always on-the-go, designing and building software for the smart phone devices. It complements their vision for an open development model on the smart phone platform.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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11 Responses to "Ubuntu, Crowdfunding Secures Edge Phone"

  1. V1Dar   August 18, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    “Sadly, the pledges cannot be redeemed as yet, Canonical has yet to meet their minimum fundraising goal of 32 million dollars in the next six days, to claim the money from donations.”

    I think the campaign has a good chance to reach its goal, but it depends on whats happening in the next few days. Mark Shuttleworth has opened up for the possibility to extend the deadline of the campaign, if there is enough interest:

    “Mr Shuttleworth said that if the campaign made significant gains in the coming days, Ubuntu would consider extending its online campaign. If it remained far from its goal, all the money would be returned to contributors.”


    If this project will succeed or not depends on the amount of people that is aware of this project. If you don’t know about Ubuntu Edge, you can’t buy it. If more people know about Ubuntu Edge, more people will buy it, because it is an amazing phone.

  2. MichaelG   August 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

    …”Ubuntu Edge phone, have secured pledges worth more then $10 million”…
    Spell check, the writer, most importantly the EDITOR should have noted the problem with the quote from this story. I stopped reading the story once I saw this error. Grammar is an extremely important portion of your chosen careers! If you care so little for your craft, I certainly do not care about your opinions and this poorly written story.


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