Tripoli Explosions Cause Death and Destruction [Video]

Tripoli Map Image

Two explosions recently rocked the Lebanese City, Tripoli, wreaking immense destruction and loss of life. According to Reuters, at least 27 people have been mortally wounded and 358 others have sustained injuries, following the blast.

A thick, black fog engulfed the region, as local television crews filmed the horrific scenes. Bodies were thrown asunder, amidst burning vehicles and explosive debris.

The violence is alleged to center around Syria’s ongoing civil unrest; opinions on the subject have divided much of the country, with proponents of the Syrian leader, Bashar Assad, encountering fierce opposition.

Tripoli is a predominantly comprised of Sunni Muslims, who are often involved in violent clashes with a Shiite group, to which Assad has affiliations.

According to regional officials, the explosions were detonated outside two mosques, during a period of worship, provoking mass evacuations from the buildings.

One of the mosques targeted, on the outskirts of Taqwa, is frequented by a Salafi cleric, called Sheik Salem Rafei who denounces the practices of the Shiite Hezbollah group.

A second explosion was directed towards a mosque in the Mina district, approximately five minutes after. Details regarding this second attack are limited.

By: James Fenner

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