U.S. Senator Calls Mohamed Morsi Overthrow a Coup [Video]


John McCain, a senior U.S. senator, has called Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow a coup, which could infringe on federal aid to the country. The White House had avoided calling Egyptian president Morsi’s ouster a coup and formal designation by president Obama would call for an economic embargo of federal aid.

Federal aid works as a gift voucher for a nation to obtain military hardware and weapons. The practice started in the Middle East after the signing of an Israeli peace treaty in 1979, which is a cornerstone for U.S. foreign policy in the region. This is an incentive to work with U.S. officials in quelling problems and upheavals.

“We have said we share the democratic aspirations and criticism of the Morsi government that led millions of Egyptians into the streets,” McCain said at the end of a brief visit to Cairo. McCain along with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham participated in private meetings with officials while on a visit to the region.

“We’ve also said that the circumstances of [Morsi’s] removal was a coup. This was a transition of power not by the ballot box,” he said. The U.S. senator call of Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow as a coup raised legal ramifications. If the U.S. is forced to acknowledge such an act, Egypt’s current government would be subject to political scrutiny on a worldwide basis.

“Senators McCain and Graham are certainly entitled to their opinions….The U.S. government has state what our opinion is,” said state department’s Jen Psaki. The divide between the two opposing political sides remain at a distance and attempts at bridging the gap have had minimal affects.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt’s military chief, contiues to hold high level meetings with foreign officials to address Egypt’s current situation. He has met with U.S. defense secretary Chuck Hagel as a result of continuing efforts to an effective resolution.

“What happens in Egypt in the coming weeks is very, very critical and will have a decisive impact on this country and in the Middle East as well,” McCain said. McCain and other officials have pressed the Egyptian authorities for the release of Morsi and others being held on alleged criminal charges.

Street protestors have said they would remain on the streets until the reinstatement of the Mori government. Authorities are said to be organizing an effective plan to end all street level protesting and subdue any submersion attempts designed to impede current political processes in the nation.

Observers are aware of the legal ramifications of U.S. senators and other officials calling the Mohamed Morsi overthrow a coup. Aid to assist the new regime that is currently in place could be doomed by economic embargo if the U.S. acknowledges such a position advocated by criticizing forces.

By Thomas Barr

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