A California Judge Grants Legal Control of Amanda Bynes to Her Parents

A California Judge Grants Legal Control of Amanda Bynes to Her Parents
Amanda Bynes’ parents were granted temporary conservatorship over her in a Ventura County California courtroom on Friday.  According to a ruling by Judge Glen Reiser, Richard and Lynn Bynes will have limited control of their daughter’s affairs, finances and even her medical treatment.  Bynes is currently receiving treatment at a medical facility, but if she is released Lynn Bynes will have the authority to decide any further treatment.

Amanda Bynes, 27, was placed in a psychiatric hospital last month after she started a small fire in the driveway of her neighbor’s home in Thousand Oaks, California.  During the incident, Bynes took off her pants and told a witness that her dog, which was soaked in gasoline, needed help. The involuntary hold was initially for 72 hours, but this recent ruling has extended the hold until September 30th.

The Bynes petitioned the court on July 26th.  In the petition, Bynes’ parents state that the actress has grown increasingly paranoid and has even expressed fears that she is being watched by smoke detectors. “We are deeply concerned that Amanda poses a substantial risk to herself, to others, and to property based on recent events in her life,” the filing stated.

The Bynes’ petition also expresses their concern that their daughter is spending her fortune too quickly.  Evidence was presented that indicated that Bynes has spent $1.2 million dollars of her $4million dollar estate.

Amanda Bynes first became famous as the member of an all kids variety show, “All That.”  Bynes then starred in her own show, “The Amanda Show.”  She then costarred, with Jennie Garth, in the TV show, “What I Like About You.”  Bynes also starred in the films, “Big Fat Liar,” “Sydney White,” and “What a Girl Wants.”

Amanda Bynes did not appear during the hearing, but she was represented by an attorney.  “She does not feel there is a need for a (civil) conservatorship,” her public defender, Mary Shae said.

Reiser said that his ruling was based on several factors including a doctor’s evaluation of Ms. Bynes and an investigator’s interview with the former child star.  In his ruling, Reiser ruled that Bynes had a, “lack of capacity to give informed consent to medical care.”

“Basically, you are the boss of the estate at this point,” Judge Reiser told Lynn Bynes, but advised her against making financial decisions regarding the estate without consulting Amanda’s attorney.

The conservatorship will be in effect until September 30th.

By Karen Walcott

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