UFC – Carlos Condit Knocks Out Martin Kampmann in Rematch

Carlos Condit scored a knockout win over Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27 on Wednesday.
Carlos Condit scored a knockout win over Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27 on Wednesday.

UFC continues to utilize the new Fox Sports 1 network to showcase its events, this time with a Wednesday fight night. Typically the major leagues of MMA host their events on Saturdays, so it is understandable that you may have missed it. However if you did, you missed out on a hell of a fight by Carlos Condit, scoring a fourth round knockout against Martin Kampmann to avenge a 2009 loss.

With the win, Condit surely reestablishes himself as a top contender at welterweight, possibly earning a title shot in the process. Condit said that he would “obviously like to get a title shot” whether it be Johnny Hendricks or Georges St. Pierre who has the belt after the two collide in the heavily anticipated bout.

Carlos Condit knew that his opponent “would try to make it a grappling match” but by being prepared he was able to “counter with strikes” and avoid Kampmann taking the fight where he wanted to.

The first round looked as if “the Hitman” would have a shot at going 2-0 in the UFC against Condit, dictating the pace of the fight and taking “the Natural Born Killer” down repeatedly in the process. Although he was not able to dole out a ton of damage while he earned top position, Kampmann did enough to win the round 10-9 according to Fox Sports.

From there on out it was Condit’s fight. Keeping the fight standing, he began to pick apart Kampmann, giving his opponent the bloodiest face of UFC Fight Night 27. Vicious striking, whether it be fists, kicks, or elbows left Martin Kampmann helpless in his efforts to defend himself.

Whenever Kampmann looked to take the fight to the mat, Condit was one step ahead and delivered devastating strikes. Even when the two men hit the mat, Condit was the one dominating at the end of this one. He was nearly able to submit his opponent, but Kampmann escaped Condit’s grasp perhaps due to the amount of blood spewing from his face.

In the fourth round Condit unleashed a flurry any UFC fighter would struggle to come back from, causing referee Herb Dean to step in and break up the fight.

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