World’s Youngest Best Man Shares Last Days with Parents (video)

World's Youngest Best man spends last days with parents
Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson of Pennsylvania have perhaps shared one of the most emotional weddings in history this past week as their two year old son played the world’s youngest best man on one of the last days of his life with his parents.  That’s right, little Logan is preparing to leave his body imminently and so the family has joined together to celebrate their family as a whole unit.

Their sweet two year old son, Logan was born with a rare condition which has required numerous surgeries of him, including tumor and kidney removals. Though his prior treatments have seemed successful, latest results tell the family that little Logan may only have a few more weeks left in his tiny body.  Difficult for anybody to hear.

The wedding that was planned for later next summer, in 2014, was decidedly moved at the last minute so the couple could have their young son in attendance and even be their ‘best man.’ The community rallied around them with self-less service, offering hands to bring the wedding together effortlessly, while allowing the couple to spend time with their young one.

It was an emotional scene as around one hundred people joined together in support of this beautiful family with such precious cargo. Christine and Sean have one other daughter, and have struggled with the impending release of such a small being from their lives, as anyone would. The hardest thing a parent ever has to do is bury their own child. Though emotional, these two are holding up well, learning a lot from their son and the experience and trying to keep their spirits high.  “He’s an angel sent from heaven.” says his mother Christine.

What an emotional ride already with multiple operations, spells of remission and then back on the roller coaster again. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, usually not seen in individuals younger than 45, this little trooper already underwent a cord blood transplant and chemotherapy with strength and endurance. Unfortunately, it is all ending up to be more than too much for his little form.

As family and friends gathered together for the wedding ceremony, which would allow little Logan to be present for his parents nuptials, tears could not be stopped for the tenderness of the time they all shared. The world’s youngest best man, two year old Logan of Pennsylvania, shares his last few days and weeks with his parents during this time. Let us all be aware of them, in our hearts and minds, to lend support to this part of the human family. May our common vision lift their pain and allow the strength of love and acceptance to wash over them, making this time, hopefully,  just a little bit easier.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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