WWE Divas Dish Details in an Interview with Larry King (Video)


On Wednesday, talk show host Larry King interviewed the beautiful WWE Divas The Bella Twins and Natalya Hart on Larry King Now! They really dished details about their personal lives in the interview, including dating/marrying WWE wrestlers, their aggressiveness and competitive spirit in the ring, and they even answered social media questions from their loyal WWE fans. Also, Natalya talked about her upbringing as a member of the celebrated Hart family dynasty.

Larry King is a real pro as an interviewer, having been one for literally decades, and the WWE Divas really seemed to feel comfortable talking to him. They opened up and  seemed right at home.

I’ll touch on  some of the highlights of the interview from Larry King Now!, which you can see in its entirety at either hulu.com or at oratv.com. Social hashtags are #LarryKingNow  and @KingsThings.

Larry King asked the three WWE Divas, who are also cast members of E!’s hit show, Total Divas, insightful questions and got them to reveal a lot of details about their lives and other topics.

When Larry King asked the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, what it’s like to wrestle together, and if they ever “got mean,” Brie said:

You know, I think — I think it’s anything, you know when you’re being aggressive or you’re competitive, there’s always that — little streak in you that says: ‘Get mean.’ If you get hit a little bit too hard, you’re going to retaliate, and I think we’re professional, you know, we’re trained, so we have that respect for each other in the ring.

But, you know, it’s like anything — I want to go in there, and I want to put on a good show,and if that means I have to be really strong and go in with a different attitude, I’m going to do that.”

When Larry pressed them for more information, Nikki related one occasion when she got really mad for a split second with another wrestler:

I got hit in the face one time and got my tooth knocked out, and I’ll admit, in the moment, I got up and kicked the girl straight in the stomach and knocked her down, and then I was like ‘Oh, wait — I can’t do that!’ But, in that moment, it was just like — wait a minute — that was not cool.”

I won’t go into every topic that the WWE Divas dished details on, but I will relate a bit about how Natalya answered a question that Larry King posed her about her family background surrounded by famous wrestlers — namely, the Hart Foundation.

When King asked Natalya if she grew up having to be in the family business of wrestling or wanting to be in it, Natalya answered:

I grew up surrounded by it. I can’t remember a day in my life that I haven’t been surrounded by it in some way, shape or form. Our sandbox was a wrestling ring in my grandfather’s yard. We would play in his yard and put on our own wrestling shows as kids. So, it’s just been such a huge part of my life, and, umm…and I couldn’t really see my life without the WWE.”

At another point in the interview, Natalya told Larry that she was “proud to be an ambassador of the WWE,” and that she’s gotten to travel to other countries like “Rwanda with the United Nations Foundation” where she “met with over 30,000 refugees at two different refugee camps.”

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She added:

I never, never would have had that opportunity if I didn’t work for the WWE, so it’s those kinds of things that change your life and you’d never get the chance unless you were here.”

At other points in the interview, which you can see by clicking on the earlier links, the Divas talked about dating and relationships and Natalya mentioned that she was married to the Canadian wrestler,
Tyson Kidd.

One aspect I really liked about the interview is learning that the Divas are really three-dimensional, and they all participate in worthy activities and fund-raising events like doing things with the Make a Wish Foundation and the Susan G. Komen organization. It’s a great interview, and if you’d like to see a clip from the show, it’s below for your viewing pleasure!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

This cool clip has the Divas being asked and answering social media questions and ones about injuries they’ve suffered in the ring:

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