Grade A Student Sentenced for Attempted Murder

12 Year Old Girl almost "gutted like a pig"

School Boy Jailed for Life for Attempted Murder
Cameron Cleland

A grade A student, aged 16, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment, following an attempted murder. The student took the opportunity to murder a 12 year old girl, choosing a small blunt pocket knife as his primary weapon.

Cameron Cleland,  a student from Bradford in West Yorkshire, lured the victim to a small lane where he began the brutal attack, stabbing her in the throat. Upon realizing his pocket knife was blunt, he grabbed her by the throat and started strangling her. He began suffocating the young girl, causing her to pass out.

The witness Angela Heap, who came across the scene, saw Cameron holding the girl by the throat. Shocked and devastated, she began screaming in a bid to distract the girl’s attacker. Eventually the victim regained consciousness and heard the screaming coming from Angela to run away. She then realized, in her weakened state, she would not be able to make it back home.

When the girl was only 11, Cameron already became fascinated by her, and even contacted Childline to tell them that he had an obsession with a very young girl, whilst expressing his desire to rape her.

Cleland had sent the little girl numerous text messages and, just a month before he had attempted to kill her, he threatened to kill himself if she failed to meet up with him.

Teachers described Cameron as “highly intelligent” and “slightly geeky with a keen interest in rowing”. His obsession obviously grew into a “chilling” plan to rape and murder the innocent girl, after she had rejected his advances.

The little girl eventually agreed to meet with him in April of this year. Once she arrived at the lane, she freaked out when she witnessed Cleland approaching her wearing a hood, which partially concealed his face.

It is said that, during the young pair’s interaction, Cleland had told the little girl that she looked beautiful and forced her to walk down a nearby driveway, so that they could talk further. When she refused to go with him, he removed his hands from his pockets and was found to be wearing surgical gloves.

According to sources Cleland had methodically researched many different means of murdering his poor victim, using the Internet, before electing to “gut her like a pig” – he also went as far as rehearsing how he would do it.

Cameron blames the little girl for his attempted murder charges, but has come to terms with the fact he would have been going to prison for the rest of his life, had he succeeded in her killing, say psychiatrists.

A restraining order has now been issued to protect the little girl from Cameron. The judge recently lifted a ban on Cameron’s identity, in court on Tuesday.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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