Divorce Without an Attorney?

Divorce Without an Attorney?

Divorce without the help from an attorney can save you money. Unfortunately, the complexity of the divorce process may not get your story told in front of a judge without legal representation.

Changes in the legal aid system and the current economic conditions pushed the cost of divorce sky high. Therefore, many divorcing couples are completing a DIY divorce to cut costs. However, a slight error can accrue you more money and time correcting the errors.

Most divorces are nasty, and brutish and downright expensive, which is why divorcing couples are choosing to do it without the assistance from an attorney who knows your unique circumstance. It’s little wonder that Internet websites like iDivorceForms.com and MyDivorcePapers.com offer DIY divorce. Many people that advertise in Craigslist will give you assistance with divorce paperwork for discounted rates without any guidance from an experienced attorney, which can bring up legal problems in the future.

Without a lawyer to explain to you the proceedings of the divorce, it may be too late for you to realize that you have been bilked of your entitlements. Most of the forms are pretty straightforward but there might be serious consequences if it is not completed properly.

According to Todd Spodek, an NY divorce lawyer, “Over the years, Spodek Law Group has represented clients who have filed contested and uncontested divorces pro-se (without a lawyer) and have come to us after the divorce is filed to rectify defects in the divorce documents and/or to seek out relief that was never requested. Divorces are complicated, and it’s worth the investment to hire a divorce lawyer, who can represent your interest throughout the process.”

While divorce without an attorney can definitely save you money, it can be expensive if you settle for less than what you are entitled. The divorce process is pretty straightforward and cost-effective. Consult an attorney for a professional support if you need it and do the rest of the work yourself.

Without a lawyer, nobody can give you legal advice during filing and your attorney is the only person who can analyze facts unique to your circumstance and provide the best course of action and expert guidance.

Too much information on the Internet and from unreliable sources can flood you with conflicting advice making it is virtually impossible to sift through all the information and determine which one to follow.

Without legal advice can result to financial risks because you may end up agreeing to demands that will place you at a monetary disadvantage. DIY divorce certainly works for some divorcing couples, but it may not work for you. If your separation is uncontested, and you have no children or assets to split, divorce without the help from an attorney can definitely save you. However, you have to be wary with DIY divorce if you have children, and your separation is not amicable.

Undergoing the divorce process can be a nerve-wrecking experience because of the many factors that needs to be considered. Talk to a qualified lawyer with 36 years of experience to help you reach a peaceful settlement and avoid post divorce problems.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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