Xbox One is Built for the Future: Pre-Order Now [Video]

As Real as Real Life

Real as Real LifeXbox One is beaming up to be the most advanced gaming and entertainment console to ever hit the market. Microsoft has done something unparalleled. They have managed to design a state-of-the-art gaming OS  combined with a powerful Windows OS.

It will eliminate the need to switch back and forth between consoles; it’s the best of both worlds in one console. Xbox One allows the experience of running a variety of apps while playing games without losing any performance power.

Watch TV, play games and music, enjoy movies and sports all with one box – the Xbox One.  Either switch between them or enjoy together while connecting with friends and family on Skype.

Xbox One is ready when you are so there is no long wait to boot up or power on all it needs to hear is, “Xbox On” and it responds instantly. The cool part is this entertainment console is so powerful that Xbox On will make the television come on as well.

With the Xbox One downloads or upgrades are never an issue; they happen in the back ground and won’t ever hinder your experience of power. When the need arises to pause in the middle of playing a game, go ahead and pause, it will pick up exactly where it stopped without missing a beat.

Xbox One is the ideal unit. Not only is its design revolutionary, but has the perfect combination of gaming and entertainment right at your finger tips or in your mouth. It creates super fast experiences like the market has not seen before.

Originally Microsoft said  the Xbox One would need a separate motion controller in order to use its kinect capability but that’s gone with wind; Xbox One is Kinect. It has a completely re-engineered Kinect included. It’s precise, responsive and more intuitive. It’s technology is second to none. It allows the owner to speed through games with simple gestures and navigate shows with the power of voice command.

The kinect voice technology has next generation noise isolation. Even in a room full of people it knows exactly who to listen to. Kinect will allow the power of voice to move you between programs and enjoy all its benefits without any physical input.

Xbox One comes packed with power, memory, Blu-ray and Kinect; all in one console. It comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM along with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. It comes with a Blu-ray player and allows games to be played and movies watched all in high definition.

The new controller is upgraded to include 40 technical and design additions such as impulse trigger that vibrates and automatically pairs with kinect. It’s definitely the top of line in controllers. It surpasses any other controller Microsoft has ever made with flying colors.

Xbox One gives the freedom of walking into the house and simply commanding it to ‘Xbox On’ with the power of your voice. It will instantly recognize its owner,  power up and load their profile. It will even allow you to choose what you want on the front page. The experience it promises is magical and once you’ve tried it you’ll never turn back. It makes gaming as real as life.

The Xbox One gaming and entertainment console is set to release in November 2013 and the expected cost is $499.00.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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