Beau Biden Discharged from Hospital with Vice President Joe Biden

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Beau Biden is heading back home, after being discharged from a hospital in Houston, on Thursday morning. Beau left the hospital with his father, Vice President Joe Biden, after a “successful procedure” had been performed.

According to USA Today, the Vice President’s son was feeling good and was starting to resume his responsibilities as Delaware Attorney General, via telephone.

Although Beau’s precise medical condition remains a mystery, he had been accompanied by the vice president to a cancer facility in Houston, Texas. The 44-year-old’s colleagues, friends and family members have not released any concrete information concerning Beau’s condition, or the medical procedure that he was recently a part of.

Biden had experienced a mild stroke a number of years ago. The attorney general began to feel disorientated, following a drive to a family vacation in Indiana.

During this latest incident, however, emergency services were sent to the vice president’s home in Delaware. Although unconfirmed, reports suggest the dispatchers were called to a possible stroke.

Both Vice President Joe Biden and his son have canceled a number of planned activities, in the wake of recent events. However, the vice president still remains scheduled to attend a meeting with President Obama on Friday, to discuss college affordability.

According to the News Sentinel, Beau Biden is due to return to his Delaware home with his father, via Air Force Two.

By: James Fenner

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