Zimmerman Verdict Highlights the Evils of Opinions

Zimmerman Verdict Highlights the Evils of Opinions

There are unfortunate events that occur in this life, some having legitimate reasons for having happened, some being inexplicable. In the case of Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin, this quickly arose to a subject of back and forth for many people, not to mention the jurors of the trial. It was agreed upon that although it was a sad occurrence that a teenager had to die, that Zimmerman acted within his grounds, and as the famous saying goes, “Dead men tell no tales.” Nevertheless, the Zimmerman Verdict seems to have highlighted the evils of opinions.

It is assured that there are a lot of bitter hearts about this verdict, or perhaps the situation itself has become a futile stomping grounds for debate. It has undoubtedly opened a whole new can of worms for the racism issue. Many people, people I’ve met personally, have come to me, saying that it’s because Zimmerman, was “white,” or “had white in him,” that he got off. It is bad news for Americans for at this point and time, it seemed as though we were slowly but surely coming together and getting over the problems of the past. While it is believed that the Zimmerman trial will blow over, it is not an uncommon thought that the future may bring to life more unexpected surprises.

It had to be exciting, being a juror in a trial that was, quite literally, worldwide. These 12 men and women had the toughest job of all, forming a united opinion on the death of a 17 year old boy. What if it had been your son? What if you had known him? How would you have felt? Questions like that keep the aftereffects of the trial highly contagious and perhaps disable it from being buried in the afterthought of society/the public.

In any case, this is definitely the evils of opinions, of being able to agree, disagree, make a choice, but it is something we must live with. We cannot change the ability for someone to think or choose, we can only hope to make the right choices when it is presented to us.


Written By: J.J. Martin

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