2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased


2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased

Award shows can become dull and sometimes downright boring even with Neil Patrick Harris again host for the second year.

Glamorous gowns, acceptance speeches and “thank you’s” to the agent, mama and spouse mantras will be the viewing norm. However, this year the 2013 Emmy Awards will be trending away from the spectacle of gowns and yawning dialect and refocus on a higher viewer-rated venue; the deceased.

The Emmy Awards are all about viewer participation and ratings. In the U.S. alone, 99 million homes have televisions with the average American watching at least three hours of television per day. The television industry has become a main influence in American lifestyle.

The Emmy Awards give the mainstream viewers a chance to see how their favorite shows fared for the season. Coupling with the CBS Emmy Awards, the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences (ATAS) hands out accolades for primetime television shows, news and documentary programs. The show qualifies for an award if the viewing timeframe is Primetime—between 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and the show has a rate of 51 percent television viewers.

For CBS to revitalize and gain the Emmy viewers’ attention and retain it, a special segment has been added to the evening’s program to keep the viewer attention savvy.

CBS’s has included into the Emmys a segment, which gives tribute to the industry figures that have recently died. This same idea has been applied in other award shows such as the Grammys, but is a first timer for the Emmy Award program.

What has been learned in the television rating industry is that death increases an award ceremony ratings big time.

Not that Emmy Award viewers are morbid in any sense, but placing importance in watching a beautifully decorated, down to the hair on their shinny-shin-shin actor and listening to the long sometimes tearful flow of thank you’s, viewers would rather see an actor give tribute and reminisce over the industry’s loss of a beloved star.

Remember LL Cool J’s prayer for Whitney Houston at her memoriam, or Jennifer Hudson who sang Whitney Houston’s infamous song I Will Always Love You? As an encore to the emotional performance, Jennifer Hudson had just recently lost members of her family to murder. Tell me there was not a dry eye in the house!

Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! The television world evolves around ratings.

Being introduced into this year’s Emmys, CBS will have several key figures in the industry give tribute to those in the industry that have recently died.

2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased

Tearfully gluing the viewers to the their seats, Edie Falco will pay special tribute to James Gandolfini who died of a heart attack. As a Soprano co-star, Edie played Carmela the wife of James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano. The Writers Guild of America named the six-season series as best written TV series of all time.

2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased

Glee colleague Jane Lynch will pay tribute to former cast member Cory Monteith. Monteith recently died of a drug overdose.

Keep reading, there are still more tributes to come!

2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased


2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased


2013 Emmy Awards – Higher Ratings Trend Away from Gowns to the Deceased

Michael J. Fox will remember Gary David Goldberg, producer of Family Ties who died of brain cancer, comedian Robin Williams salute his friend and mentor renown comedian Jonathan Winters who died at the age of 87 of natural causes, and Rob Reiner will be paying respects to co-star mother-in-law Jean Stapleton who played the part of Edith Bunker in the 1970 hit series All in the Family, Stapleton also died of natural causes.

CBS has still not disclosed whether the tributes will be presented in-person or via remote location. My guess be it the latter.

Another first for the upcoming Emmy Awards is because of controversy, the 45-second restriction rule has relaxed.

Creative art producer Spike Jones Jr. ignited the hullabaloo when he demanded that the time clock during the award ceremony begins from the moment the recipient leaves the chair to accept the award to the end of the acceptance speech. The actors protested. The frantic pace of having to rush to the stage in 8-inch stilettos is downright disrespectful.

To give CBS credit, the station did well when transforming the Grammy Awards. Handing out fewer trophies to cut boring acceptance speeches and adding more diverse musical performance to the program helped the Grammy ratings skyrocket.

But this year the memoriam tributes will be the ticket to higher ratings for the 2013 Emmy Awards, trending away from gowns to focus more on those beloved entertainment figures who has since deceased.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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