Flood: 295 People Being Airlifted from Boulder County

Flood: 295 People Being Airlifted from Boulder County

Flooding in Boulder County, CO, has forced thousands to start being evacuated from the suburbs of Lyons and Jonestown. The Boulder Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is now reporting that 295 people, the first group to be airlifted out of the area, are on their way to an evacuation center. Several long days of flooding throughout the state have already claimed three lives.

“There’s no way out of town,” remarked one evacuee, Jason Stillman, 37. “There’s no way into town. So, basically, now we’re just on an island.” Flooding in┬áthe Front Range region has forced closings of parts of I-25, the state’s main highway which runs north and south. Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper, says the state has already suffered the loss of “a great deal of infrastructure.”

Hickenlooper has also encouraged residents in flooded regions to exercise heightened caution, not to “walk through what looks like a harmless foot or two of water. You have to realize this is like liquid cement and you can be swept away.”

The National Weather Service predicts even more rainfall to continue into the weekend.

Written by Chris Bacavis

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