9/11: Remains of the Day, Twelve Years Passed

9/11: Remains of the Day, Twelve Years Passed
A day that holds a sacred piece of each of us.

A day where we had this moment, albeit painful, of feeling as one with our neighbor.

Or the stranger we would’ve outwardly ignore as we pass them by in a store.

Whether you were directly affected by the events, or indirectly as being a human being on this planet.

The day is revered as a one of THE most surreal days of human existence.

In speaking with anyone about September 11, 2001, whatever their situation at that moment, there is a commonality amongst them all.

The pain.

The fear.

The sense of being a part of something so much larger than we could have ever imagined.

We started our day as most Americans do, moving through our morning to get to the end of our day.

At times mindless and rote.

And all of that was to change, forever.

In the years that have passed, I have taken on a reflection of this day. Not of just ‘who’ I am, yet ‘who’ WE all are in this world.

Articles have been written, documentaries have been shown, songs written.

We lost something that day.

There was an innocence that tumbled down with those walls.

I have many personal recollections of that morning. The one overwhelming, that continues to be with me to this very day, is “all the people”.

It’s not a feeling that ever leaves you.

The images never erased.

I look back today, and it is still there. I could never even imagine, those who were there. And the events that unfolded. Through reports, through documentaries, we hear the stories, and the pain inside deepens.

The drive home was long, and quiet.

Unusual for a busy highway system. The world had appeared to stop, and yet we kept moving through it.

Imagine if we could carry that feeling, the one of unity. Without all of personal bias’ . Without all the minutia that invades our daily dialogue.

Imagine what we could be as a society.

Twelve years later, and the remains of that day are still evident.

Etched within our psyche.

Written By: Jodi L Ouellette

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