ACLU Reveals Spy Files

US SPYThe American Civil Liberties Union and other civil liberties groups have  issued documents they just received on Thursday. The ACLU state these papers, spy files on Americans, show that innocent United States citizens are being added to a country-wide reaching counterterrorism program.

The ACLU released around 1,800 supposed distrustful going-on reports which various law enforcement officials and others centered in the state of California, gave to two intelligence-gathering storehouses otherwise known as fusion centers.

The forms, almost all of which were acquired by the ACLU through various public records requests, do not seem to display any counterterrorism aptitude at all. They are far from real spy files, actually they read the complete opposite.

One report stated that an off deputy reported a  female was caught taking pictures of a post office.  That was the extent of the unknown woman’s “suspicious” activity.  Another was a police officer reported an Arabic doctor, who was living in his neighborhood,  was “unfriendly.

This fusion center and the programs it has been implementing was the focus of an intense Congressional focus just last year. In it, there were numerous complaints about too many innocent Americans doing normal behavior, yet becoming entangled in the fusion web.

The ACLU and others like it have called upon President Obama and the government to fix this program so the actions that are listed on there are legitimate ones that have actual links to real terrorism. The spy files need to be real.

The huge files release is a mocking assessment of what the Department of Homeland Security has done. They have created 72 fusion centers around the U.S. which gather reports from local and state law enforcement officials and from other individuals as well. Around 1,700 of the reports that came to public view on Thursday were from the center located in Sacramento, California alone.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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