Amanda Bynes Hospital Tweet to Drake She is Back

Amanda Bynes Tweets Drake Love From Hospital

Amanda Bynes Tweets Drake Love From Hospital

Look out Drake, she’s back. Amanda Bynes sent out a tweet yesterday from her enforced stay at the hospital. She professed her love of the singer on her Twitter account. Her followers on the microblogging site will be thrilled.

It has been a very long Amanda Bynes dry spell on Twitter since her arrest and 5150 hold. The Twitter verse did a lot of moaning about the lack of Bynes’ bizarre tweets.

At the end of a week that confirmed that the 27 year-old actress will be in hospital under psychiatric care for another year, it appears that she is certainly taking the news well.

What did Amanda tweet about Drake? You can see it right here:

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Poor Drake! The singer actually spoke out about Amanda Bynes and her Twitter fascination with him. He said in August that he found her tweets, “a little weird and disturbing.”

Before she was incarcerated on her involuntary psychiatric hold, she tweeted regularly about Drake. On of her more graphic tweets said that she wanted him “to murder my vagina.” When Drake did not take her up on her offer, she then went on one of her infamous Twitter rants.

She tweeted that he was ugly and his eyes looked as though he had Down’s Syndrome. But Amanda soon forgave her “crush” and went back to tweeting nice things about him. Until last month Drake had not commented on the tweets about him from Amanda.

He said in an interview with XXL magazine that he thought they were weird and disturbing. He also said: “I don’t even know who is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing.”

Apparently, Amanda has not grasped the fact that she will be in that hospital for a long time, or doesn’t care.

But her Twitter followers will be very pleased that Amanda is tweeting again. Although it doesn’t appear that her fans caught the single hospital pronouncement of Drake love. Having gotten used to an Amanda Bynes tweet-free Twitter, it may take them a little time to realise that she’s back and tweeting.

Amanda’s single tweet about Drake may just signal her return. She will not, obviously, be able to spend as much time on Twitter as she did before her hospitalization, but it is easy to imagine that her tweet ratio will increase over time.

Meanwhile her fans continue to tweet about Hairspray and profess that they miss the old Amanda. Others compete to see who can diss the mentally troubled actress the most and still others believe the whole thing is an act.

With news of a “Lindsay Lohan” type documentary being bandied about, it is easy to see why fans think that Bynes has put all this on as some elaborate publicity “Punk’d” style stunt. But wishful thinking by fans of the troubled young star doesn’t make it true.

The fact that Amanda Bynes is on involuntary psychiatric hold and that her mother has temporary conservatorship over her pretty much kills the Punk’d idea. But while Amanda waits for another year to gain her freedom, she now, apparently, has access to her verified Twitter account. While fans of Bynes’ Twitter rants will rejoice at her hospital tweet to Drake, he must be appalled. Sorry Drake, but there is no stopping true love.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom